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  • Are you tired of throwing your cash into uncertain pots?
  • How many times have you lost all your previous winnings on a bad beat?
  • Have you ever folded a winning hand?

You can eliminate those frustrating situations by knowing EXACTLY what cards your opponents are holding; and then bet with confidence. But you will have to go to your next poker game equipped with a glim.


Card Cheating glim - shiner
Card Cheating shiner - flick, light
A glim is simple accessory that can be used to help you improve your odds at many card games. In essence, it is a small reflector used to secretly read the faces of the cards as they are being dealt to your opponents. This eliminates the need for marked cards, and may be used with someone else's deck. (It also eliminates the need to rely on "reading tells" and "facial expressions"... whatever that means). When used properly, it gives you a substantial edge over your opponents every time the deck is passed on to you for the deal. Needless to say that it does miracles in a heads-up game, when you get to be the dealer every other round.

Glims have always performed best in games of 5-card Stud, where every player has only one hole-card. With the booming popularity of Texas Hold'em, the glim once again catches the interest of smart players.

Under usual circumstances one would have to patiently wait to catch a good hand, before betting heavy. Even then there are no guarantees against a bad beat (unless you have the nuts). The proper use of a glim eliminates all those unfair and frustrating situations so that you can fold a losing hand.


We currently offer two glims (made from two different materials):

  • plastic glim - a light-weight model
  • glass glim - made from shock-resistant glass

Both of our glims measure 36mm in diameter, and both have a convex surface. This is a very important feature because it makes it easier to catch the reflection of the card without worrying about adjusting the hand to the optimal viewing angle. The reflection will appear reduced in size, which is not a problem due to the fact that the glim is used at arms' length. The only potential technical problem is the visibility factor in low lighting conditions.

The only other potential problem is not technical in nature, which is why you should make sure your life insurance is up to date, if you plan to bring one of those to your next poker night. And for Pete's sake: practice before you attempt to use it.


Our glims are sold along with a pamphlet that contains detailed instructions and 22 color photographs. The written instructions describe basic palming techniques, different applications in gaming situations, manipulation techniques, as well as advanced handling techniques. In an industry where information is everything, these instructions alone are worth the price of the glim.





Card Cheating shiner - flick, light For 100% reliability all of our glims feature the improved, "E-Z Grip" sand-coated edge.

The surrounding edge of our "E-Z Grip" glim has been coated with a special grain of black sand. We use a unique bonding process to permanently bind sand around the edge of the glim.

The edge of our "E-Z Grip" glim looks and feels exactly like the surface of 400-grain black sandpaper.

If you've ever tried sliding your finger across the surface of sandpaper you've discovered that it doesn't slip too well. In fact, that's the idea.

Our sand-coated edge ensures a firm grip, which greatly reduces any chances of slipping while the glim is in use. Furthermore, since the sand-coated edge ensures such a secure grip, it is hardly necessary to apply any pressure at all to keep the glim securely in place. This is very important detail because you don't need to tense your muscles to palm the glim, which greatly reduces the chance of telegraphing the fact that an object is concealed in the hand.


Our glass glims are available in two model:

  • standard (focal length: -60mm)
  • supercurve (focal length: -25mm)

Some of our customers have requested that we come up with a solution for jumbo-index cards, and for cards that do not bear standard corner indices (such as Italian-suited cards, Spanish-suited cards, or other types of regional cards). Those cards are more difficult to see in a reflection that only exposes a partial image of the card. For this purpose we have introduced our "supercurve" model. This glim produces a reflection that is even more reduced than the image seen in the reflection on our standard convex glim. This allows the user to see a larger surface of the card. Please see the diagrams below for details.


Standard model:

card cheating gaff: shiner


Supercurve model:

card cheating gaff: shiner


There are a few things you need to know before you decide which glim is best for you. Keep in mind that the supercurve model is not necessarily better than the standard model - it is just different.

If you use the glim in the hand, while dealing cards, there will not be too much of a difference between the two glims when standard cards are in use. In other words, you will be able to see standard cards, equally well, with either model, when hand-palming the glim. If you deal jumbo-index cards, while palming the glim in your hand, the supercurve glim will help you see a larger portion of the index because the reflection will be even more reduced. This will further minimize the need to accurately position the card over the glim, but this is not to say that a standard glim would not do the job. The supercurve glim may yield better results if your palming style is such that only a small portion of the glim is visible through your fingers.

Finally, if you use the glim below the edge of the table, by resting the glim on your thigh, you may be better off with the standard glim. This is because the supercurve glim reduces the image even more whenever the mirror is far away from the object, so a distant reflection in the supercurve glim may appear too small and more difficult to see.

For clarity we have included photographs of both glims showing a reflection of the same card, held at the same distance from the glim.

standard convex shiner supercurve convex shiner

Please take all this information into consideration before deciding which glim to order.

For those who wish to save money by not pouring cash into losing pots a glim is an essential accessory.

Buy it! Use it! It's your friend!

This product has NOT been tested on animals.
For optimal performance tested on live suckers.