Gaffed Blackjack Prism Shoe

Gaffed Casino Blackjack Prism Shoe and Holdout Shoe

A custom-made gaffed casino dealing shoe for blackjack

Gaffed Casino Holdout ShoeAll of our gaffed blackjack dealing shoes are 100% custom-made to order. We offer several standard gaffing options, as describe below. In addition to our standard gaffing options we also offer other several lesser-known gaffing options. None of those options are described here because we are not at liberty to disclose any of the lesser-known gaffs, however, may be able to fulfill any special requests that individual customers may have. The lesser-known gaffing options are generally available for customer who are already familiar with the gaffs they are requesting, or for some of our long-term customers.

All of our dealing shoes are precision-built from scratch. Please allow up to six weeks for the production of any custom-made dealing shoe.

The price listed on this page reflects the basic cost of having a gaffed shoe custom built for you. This is the base cost and it does not include any gaffing options. The cost of each gaffing option is listed separately in the selection menus for the options, near the bottom of this page.

In addition to our basic design, shown on the photo, we may also be able to replicate any other shoe design. In this case the customer needs to supply the patterns with the measurements, or send us a readymade shoe that we can use as a model. Additional costs may apply.

Below are descriptions of our standard gaffing options.


Faceplate Prism or Holdout Clip:

A prism is a gaff that is installed behind the face pate of the shoe, to facilitate peeking and second dealing. The dealer is able to slide the top card back into the prism contraption. When the top card is in upper position the dealer is able to peek at the index of the card. At that time the dealer can either deal the top card or keep the top card locked inside the prism while dealing the second card. Just by using this gaff alone, any competent dealer should be able to take-down any game in a matter of minutes, if needed.

Mechanically speaking, a holdout clip is very similar to a prism. The main difference is that the holdout lock is made from the same opaque material as the face plate. This gaff has some advantages and disadvantages over the prism. The biggest advantage is that it is more difficult to detect because there is nothing to see by looking down onto the shoe. Another advantage is that the dealer does not have to look down onto the shoe to read the cards. The main disadvantage is that the operator needs to use some kind of marked cards, in order to read the top card, because peeking is not possible. If the dealer wishes to work alone the cards can be marked for touch (by pegging or rough & smooth). If the dealer uses an accomplice the cards can be marked by any of the standard visual marking methods.

Gaffed Blackjack Prism Dealing Shoe

The photo above features a dealing shoe that has been equipped with a prism. This particular prism, on the photo, has been frosted, so that the gaff is less obvious. However, we can make the prism in a high-polished gloss finish, as well.


Internal Locking Mechanism:

This is an optional security feature that disables the shoe so that the top card cannot be pushed into the holdout/peek position. By default the shoe is always locked. To unlock the shoe the dealer must use a secret gaff that unlocks the mechanism. The secret gaff is basically a small but powerful magnet that can be built into a ring or watchband. By simply sliding the gaff over the correct spot on the shoe, the locking mechanism will disengage and the holdout prism will be enabled. The moment the shoe is picked up, or tilted, the locking mechanism will self-engage and lock up, and it will no longer be possible to slide the top card into holdout/peek position. The main propose of this locking mechanism is to offer an additional level of security, so that the gaffed part of the dealing shoe is disabled, in the event that someone decides to examine the shoe.


Faceplate Camera Filter:

Our juice camera system (sold separately) is capable of seeing through a special material that can be used to build the faceplate of the dealing shoe. This material is basically a filter that looks black to the naked eye; it also appears black if viewed with ordinary video cameras. Our juice camera system, however, will see through it as if it were made of glass. A dealing shoe equipped with a camera filter will enable you to use cards marked with our camera ink. The video clip shows an example in which the cards were marked across their entire backs. These marks are only visible through our video camera system.

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Shoe Size:

Dealing shoes for blackjack typically come in sizes for 4-decks, 6-decks, and 8-decks. The 6-deck shoe is the most common size dealing shoe for casino blackjack, and is the one pictured on this page. In addition to the three standard sizes listed above we can also custom-make a 2-deck shoe. A 2-deck blackjack game is commonly dealt from the hand, like single-deck games, and a shoe would not be used. However, since all of our shoes are custom-made we offer a 2-deck option for those customers who may want to use a gaffed shoe for demo purposes; this way it is more convenient to carry the shoe around.