"Black Predator" Luminous Reader Glasses

"Black Predator"
Luminous Reader Glasses

Get a good "read" on your opponents...
... before you start throwing money into a losing pot.


In a nutshell, the "Black Predator" Readers are the best luminous reader glasses currently available on the market. They use the most advanced luminous-reader technology available to date, and are not to be confused with the rinky-dink gadgets that you can find through many online sources. This is a high-end professional cheating gaff, designed to be used for cheating in live card games.


Brief Description:

To the casual observer the lenses of the "Black Predator" Readers appear to be black. In reality the lenses are wide-band optical filters, with a very specific wavelength, that appears colored only to the person wearing the glasses, when looking through the lenses. These filters have been manufactured to a very tight tolerance.

The reader glasses work with a small range of luminous inks (sold separately). It should also be noted that the ink itself is also not the same type of conventional luminous ink that is sold elsewhere, with conventional luminous kits. The specific ink that will produce the best results can only be purchased through us and is only available to customers who purchased the "Black Predator" glasses. We also have a luminous daub available for those customers who prefer to mark the cards on the spot, during the game.

When the cards are properly prepared the luminous ink (or daub) will not be visible to the naked eye. However, when viewed through the Black Predator readers, the ink-marks will appear as darkened smudges on the backs of playing cards. The luminous marks can be as small or as large as you want them to be; they can be placed anywhere over the backs of the cards, or along the white borders.

The Black Predators can be used in many card games, such as Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat and many others. The system is especially well-suited for Texas Hold'em where each player receives only two pocket cards. In critical situations you will know when you should fold, and when you have your opponent on a bluff. You no longer have to worry about poker tells, hunches, intuitions and all that other unreliable nonsense. Once you start using the Black Predator glasses you will always have a very good "read" on your opponents (no pun intended).

Before you read any further about the unique technology of this system, you need to know how this system compares to any of the other luminous systems on the market.

What you need to know...
... before you throw your money away on other junk!


How do "Black Predator" Readers compare to conventional red-lens luminous systems?

Any conventional luminous reader system, that consist of red filters and green ink, is nothing but a color-blocking system. The red lenses basically cancel out the red back design on the cards while slightly enhancing the darkness of the faint green ink. Although a good red-lens luminous system may in fact produce very good results, it will always have one major flaw: the glasses are red, and therefore attract undesired attention.

Another flaw of any conventional red-lens system is that it can only be used to mark red-backed cards. The reason for this limitation is, once again, the fact that a conventional red-lens system is simply a color-blocking system. By comparison, the "Black Predator" Readers can be used to mark cards anywhere on the white areas of the cards. This system uses a very different technology that enhances the contrast of the luminous marks over white areas of the cards. The luminous ink can be applied to the white borders of the cards; so when viewed through the "Black Predator" Glasses, the marks darken up. This is a feature that separates "Black Predator" Readers form any conventional red-lens system.

The conventional red-lens luminous systems have several disadvantages:

  1. They look like an obvious gimmick. People are not blind; people are not color-blind; and people are not stupid. You will be laughed out of a game if you show up with red glasses. You might as well show up with a red clown nose. Do you think people would let you walk out with their money after you've made some miracle play with red glasses on?
  2. Everyone has heard of them... unless you are planning to use them in a poker game at your local kinder-garden.
  3. Red-suited cards appear invisible. Real red-lens luminous readers (those that will produce desirable results) are so strong that you cannot see the faces of red-suited cards. All the red-suited cards will appear to have blank faces.
  4. They can only be used on red-backed cards.
  5. They will hurt your eyes. The real luminous readers - those that actually work - are so strong that they will give you a headache after extended use. In the long run they may actually do some permanent damage to your eyes.
  6. Should anyone ask to examine those red glasses, you're in trouble. Conventional luminous systems are so obvious that the marks will stand out like blood stains in fresh show, even to the untrained eye. Should people discover those marks when looking through your red glasses, the blood stains may easily be yours (if it happens to be snowing outside). Remember, it is you alone against a table full of angry people.


How do "Black Predator" Readers compare to other advanced luminous systems on the market?

There are some outlets that offer systems that use a gimmick that you can attach to your own glasses. Read what we have to say about that before you blow your money on that junk.

That system is strictly a sucker item. In plain English, this means that the real sucker is the customer - not the intended mark. When you buy that system you first find out that it only consists of a rinky-dink red filter that you are supposed to attach to the back of any regular sunglasses. For one, for the sake of your health, you better not get caught with such a gimmick in any live game where the stakes would justify the investment into any reader system. Secondly, those retailers are misleading their customers into thinking that their special "gimmick" can be attached to any dark sunglasses. This is simply not true. Yes, you can attach the gimmick to any glasses you want, but you will not get the desired results. Why not? Because sunglasses of different manufacturers have different specifications, and regular sunglasses have not been designed with card-cheating in mind. In plain English, different sunglasses will filter different frequencies of light - and regular sunglasses will also filter-out part of the light spectrum that you actually want to use for reading luminous marks. Why? Because sunglasses have not been designed to read luminous marks - they have been designed to protect your eyes from harmful radiation form the sun, hence the term "sunglasses". You don't have to be a genius to figure out that sunglass manufacturers did not hire a scientist to conduct spectral analysis tests to make sure their lenses don't filter-out the frequencies that card-cheats want to use. Do you think that the guys selling that junk have spent any time and money doing spectral analysis of commercially-available glasses? They don't even know what that means.

Advanced features:

New technology - "Black Predator" Readers are not a simple color-blocking system, such as a conventional red-lens luminous system. This means that you can mark a much wider range of cards, even cards that are completely blank.

Gradated filters - When you walk in into a card game you can't control the lighting situation. Sometimes it may be too bright, other times too dark. In an ideal situation you should fine-tune the intensity of the light until you get the best possible results. In a live game this is not an option. However, the second best option is to control the intensity of the filters. This is why the Black Predators come equipped with gradated filters. In plain English, the filters are darker on top and lighter at the bottom. By simply tilting your head you will be able to control the intensity of the filters to match the lighting situation as closely as possible, until you are able to see the marks as best as you can.

It should be noted that it is not apparent that the lenses are gradated (not that this should be a big issues anyway). There are several reasons for this. The filters are dark and they are fitted on wrap-around frames. This means that there is no light source from behind which would illuminate the filters. This is roughly the same reason why one-way mirrored sunglasses look like mirrors form the outside, but look see-through form the inside. Furthermore, we recommend that you wear a baseball cap (if it fits into your appearance) while wearing the Black Predators. This will further enhance the lighting situation for viewing - basically you want to be looking out from a dark place towards a well-lit card table.

Special options:

  1. Mirrored finish - Nowadays it is popular to wear mirrored glasses at the poker table. If you wish, we can add mirrored finish over the front of the lenses to make them appear more like regular mirrored-sunglasses. However, please be advised that what a mirrored finish does, essentially, is that it reduces the amount of light that passes through the lenses; i.e. the mirror finish will make it darker when you look through. Keep in mind, however, that there is a limit to the intensity of the mirrored finish, because the glasses are already so dark that a thick mirrored finish will make it almost useless for indoor use.
  2. Custom frames - The standard frames for the Black Predators are Ray Ban® wrap-around frames (shown above). If you wish to fit our lenses into a different pair of frames we will do it for you. Some restrictions apply, however, because some frames are made in such way that the lenses can not be replaced. Also, please be advised that the filters will work best with a wrap-around style frame.
  3. Prescription lenses - Some customers who wear prescription glasses may want to have the Black Predators fitted with prescription filters. Although we can do this, we do not recommend it. The best solution is to wear prescription contact lenses with regular Black Predator readers.
  4. Hybrid contact lens system - Lenses for Black Predators are coated with several layers of different coatings. What this means, basically, is that the lenses are essentially a combination of several different filters. These filter coatings could in fact be separated onto several physically separate pieces of glass. As added protection some customers may wish to have us make a hybrid contact lens system, with one part of the filter on the lenses of the glasses and another part of the filter on contact lenses. In this case the readers will only work if special contacts are also worn, at the same time. In a practical sense, this adds an extra layer of protection, because no one will be able to see the luminous marks on the cards, with the glasses alone, if anyone happens to put your glasses on. Please be advised that this option dramatically increases the production costs.

The good news about "Black Predator" Readers:

  1. They are expensive - Don't be alarmed by the price. The high price is good news because it means that not all the suckers will have it, or even know what to look for. Actually, if you think about it, you don't have to pay for anything. You get them for free, in a way, because your suckers will pay for them. Depending what stakes you play for, they may even pay for themselves in the first session.
  2. They look like regular sunglasses - With the popularity of poker on TV no one even gives a second though when a player is wearing sunglasses at the poker table. Everybody know that this is to protect your "tells". Let the suckers think what they want; in the meantime their cards may as well be face up.
  3. The marks don't stand out like neon signs - While the suckers are under the impression that good luminous readers should make the marks light up like the lights on the Christmas tree, the professionals know that this is not so. If for any reason anyone else happens to put your glasses on, and looks at the cards, they will most likely not see anything. Remember, in any good system you still have to know what to look for. The glasses only make it possible to actually see the hidden marks - but the marks are still hidden to all that don't know what to look for.
  4. We don't keep them in stock - "Black Predators" are not mass-produced. This means that we make a pair for you, whenever you decide to buy one. What it really means is that the market is not flooded with them, and that there will never be a blowout sale.
  5. We don't have pictures of luminous marks on this site - That's right. We don't want all the suckers to know exactly what to look for. This information is privileged only to our customers.


  1. Black Predators should not be used in very dark places (which should be obvious).
  2. The system cannot be used under fluorescent lights. Fluorescent light tubes produce a wavelength of light that is completely useless for the use of Black Predators. The luminous marks will not be visible under those lighting conditions.
  3. You should NEVER ATTEMPT TO USE THIS SYSTEM IN A CASINO. Modern casinos have equipment that will detect these luminous marks within minutes. So, this system is designed especially for private games.
  4. Some brands of playing cards are better suited than others. This system works best on playing cards with intricate back designs, such as Bicycle, Tally-Ho, Shellbacks, KEM Arrowbacks...etc. The busier the back design the better, because you can get away with stronger luminous marks. By contrast, the use of cards with uniform backs, such as the popular Bee brand, should be avoided, because even slight imperfections in a uniform back design are more likely to be noticed by astute observers.
  5. Black Predator glasses or contact lenses should NEVER BE WORN IN THE SUN. These glasses have not been designed to block harmful radiation from the sun. In fact, these luminous filters will amplify all the harmful radiation that regular sunglasses are designed to block-out. You will severely damage your eyes if you wear Black Predators in the sun.

Do you want a private demonstration before you decide to buy?

If you wish, you can arrange for a private demo, before you decide to purchase this product. A private demo costs $500. If you decide to buy the product, your $500 demo fee will be fully applied towards your purchase. If you decide to not purchase the $500 fee is NOT refundable. You should only consider paying for a demo if you actually want to make a purchase. This type of arrangement is the standard industry procedure for any demos of professional cheating gaffs, and it is not up for negotiation. This also ensures that you know that not too many people have seen the system with their own eyes, which further ensures that your suckers will not know what to look for (because most of them have not had the chance to see the real stuff). The purpose of a private demo is not so you can see if the system works, it is so you can make an educated decision if the system is best for you. Remember, just because a system is a good one, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is the best solution for your needs.

The demo can be done in two installments.

  1. First half of the demo is done through the mail. You send us the first half of the demo fee ($250) by mail. As soon as your payment clears we send you a sample playing card, marked with our luminous ink or daub. When you receive this card you may actually think that we sent an un-marked card. Once you have this card in your possession you can examine it to your heart's content. Chances that you would spot our luminous marks are next to none - even if you try using red filters.
  2. Whenever you are ready to proceed with the second part of the demo you send us another $250, which is the remaining balance of the demo fee, and make arrangements to meet. During the meeting you will get the chance to see a demo of the actual system. You will also bring your sample card to the meeting and get the chance to look at your sample card through our filters. At this time you may actually get goose bumps because you will see for the first time that the sample card you had in your possession bears a mark that can bee seen from across the table, yet still invisible to the naked eye even now when you know exactly what to look for. If you were a serious buyer there should be no reason why you would decide not to purchase this system, after seeing this demonstration with your own eyes. The $500 demo fee is credited directly towards the purchase of the system (which consists of the glasses and ink), so, in effect, you are not spending any extra money for this demo. If you were just a curiosity seeker, and had no intention to buy the system, you should consider your $500 well-spent because you had the chance to look at professional cheating gaffs.

If you are a serious buyer we strongly recommend that you request a demo. Not only will you get the chance to see the system before you commit to purchase it, but more importantly, you will get personal instructions to learn how to properly put the work on the cards. In other words, we will give you valuable one-on-one lessons at no extra charge. The only additional expense is a travel cost. However, you do not have to cover 100% of our travel expenses. If you request a demo, we will submit a travel budget to you, and you will have the chance to accept it or to decline it. In the interest of providing the best possible customer service, we always round off our travel budget lower than what it actually costs to travel. In other words, we cover part of our travel expenses from the $500 demo fee.

Furthermore, in the interest of offering the best possible value for the demo, we will also show you some of our other products.

To request a demo use the contact form.


  1. We do not ship this item to Nevada.
  2. We do not use US Postal Service to ship this item.
  3. We do not accept credit card payment for this item.
  4. We do not offer any refunds for this item. If you are not sure about this purchase, arrange for a private demo.