Luminous Ink

Luminous Ink

Get a good "read" on your opponents...
... before you start throwing money into a losing pot.


This luminous ink is specifically designed to be used only with the "Black Predator" Luminous Reader Glasses. The ink is only available for the customers who had purchased the "Black Predator" Readers from us. We will not sell this luminous ink to anyone else, no exceptions, so please don't ask.


Brief Description:

Before we start describing this product the reader should understand how a luminous system works, in general. Conventional luminous reader systems work on the principle of color blocking. Red-backed cards are marked with faint green ink; when viewed through a pair of red lenses the red back-design gets cancelled-out and the green marks become visible. What people don't realize is that a luminous system will not work with just any green ink and any red lenses. Anyone who has ever attempted to mix up some green ink and looked through red filters soon found out that the results were less than satisfactory: either the ink was strong enough to be seen without any red lenses, or it was not strong enough at all. The reason for such unsatisfactory results is because the ink and the lenses both have to meet a very specific criteria. The specifications for the exact wavelengths of the materials are industry secrets.

With the right specifications one can assemble a good luminous system, relatively easily. However, even with the right specifications any conventional luminous system has one major flaw: the lenses are red. Anyone showing up with red lenses at the card table will be laughed-out of the game before he is even able to buy-in.

The luminous ink described here works on a slightly different principle. Although the ink will yield some results with conventional red lenses, the ink has been developed in a laboratory to work specifically with the "Black Predator" Luminous Reader Glasses. Those glasses appear to be black, to the casual observer.

No further information will be disclosed about this ink. For further information about the system please refer to the description of the "Black Predator" Readers.


Apart from the fact that you should not use this system in very dark places (which should be obvious) there is only one limitation, the system cannot be used under fluorescent lights. Fluorescent light tubes produce a wavelength of light that is completely useless for the use of this system. The luminous marks will not be visible under those lighting conditions.

Do you want a private demonstration before you decide to buy?

If you wish, you can arrange for a private demo, before you decide to purchase the glasses. A private demo costs $500. If you decide to buy the glasses, your $500 demo fee will be fully applied towards your purchase. If you decide to not purchase the glasses the $500 fee is NOT refundable. You should only consider paying for a demo if you actually want to make a purchase. This type of arrangement is the standard industry procedure for any demos of professional cheating gaffs, and it is not up for negotiation. This also ensures that you know that not too many people have seen the system with their own eyes, which further ensures that your suckers will not know what to look for (because most of them have not had the chance to see the real stuff). The purpose of a private demo is not so you can see if the system works, it is so you can make an educated decision if the system works for you. Remember, just because a system is a good one, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is good for you. There is no such thing as a universal system.


  1. We do not ship this item to Nevada.
  2. We do not use US Postal Service to ship this item.
  3. We do not accept credit card payment for this item.
  4. We do not offer any refunds for this item. If you are not sure about this purchase, arrange for a private demo.