"Black Predator" Luminous Contact Lenses

"Black Predator"
Luminous Contact Lenses

Get a good "read" on your opponents...
... before you start throwing money into a losing pot.


Our "Black Predator" Luminous Contact Lenses are the contact lens version of our "Black Predator" Luminous Glasses. To the best of our knowledge these are the best luminous contact lenses currently available on the market. This product is a specifically designed to be used for private card games.



We do not recommend the use of luminous contact lenses, over the glasses. We offer this product simply because many customers are constantly asking us about it. Contact lenses have several disadvantages that you should be aware of. These disadvantages are all listed at the end of this description. Please make sure you fully understand all the issues before you make any decisions to purchase this product.


Brief Description:

The Black Predator Luminous Contact Lenses are wide-band optical filters, with a very specific wavelength. These filters have been manufactured to a very tight tolerance and are designed specifically to work with our luminous inks and daubs.

Luminous Contact Lens  for Marked CardsThe contact lens is fitted with a circular luminous filter right in the center of the lens. The colored filter is made slightly larger than the size of your pupil in dim lighting conditions, so that it slightly expands into the iris. Although the filer is actually colored it will appear black once you place the contact in your eye.

These contacts are best-suited for people with dark eyes. Light blue eyes may present a problem in this respect, because it may be more apparent that there is a colored contact lens partially covering the inside edge of the iris.

These contact lenses work only with a small range of luminous inks and daubs (sold separately). It should be noted that these contacts are not the classic red-lens luminous filters and therefore will not work with conventional luminous inks. The specific ink that will produce the best results can only be purchased through us and is only available to customers who purchased the Black Predator glasses or contacts from us.

When the cards are properly prepared the luminous ink (or daub) will not be visible to the naked eye. However, when viewed through the Black Predator lenses, the luminous marks will appear as darkened smudges on the backs of playing cards. These luminous marks can be as small or as large as you want them to be and can be placed anywhere over the backs of the cards.

The Black Predators can be used in many card games, such as Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat and many others. The system is especially well-suited for Texas Hold'em where each player receives only two pocket cards. In critical situations you will know when you should fold, and when you have your opponent on a bluff. You no longer have to worry about poker tells, hunches, intuitions and all that other unreliable nonsense. Once you start using this product you will always have a very good "read" on your opponents (no pun intended).

What kind of results can you expect from this product?


It is important to have realistic expectations. You may hear stories that there is a special ink that is completely invisible to the naked eye but still lights up like a neon sign when you are wearing special lenses. First of all, this is not true. If you are looking for a product that produces these kinds of results, you will never find it. Such product simply does not exist. Following is an accurate description of our luminous system.

Even if the optimum results cannot be achieved in terms of truly invisible inks that can only bee seen through special filters, the Black Predator luminous system is still the best luminous system ever developed. It uses special technology that goes beyond simply color blocking, which is what conventional luminous systems use.

Neither the ink, nor the daub, are actually invisible. There is no such thing as an invisible substance. Even clear water is visible and if you pour water over a piece of paper you will see where the paper is wet. But instead of pouring water over a piece of paper, if you carefully brush over the paper with a damp sponge, you may achieve the effect that the paper is lightly damp, but the stain is not visible. Our ink (or daub) can be put on the back of a card so lightly that it cannot be seen without the aid of a filter. So, technically speaking your eyes can still see the light stain, but because it is painted lightly over an existing back design of a card, you can simply not see the luminous mark without the special filters. It would be like trying to hear a whisper in a loud rock concert.


Advanced Luminous Technology:

Black Predator products use advanced luminous technology to help you see the luminous marks. One component of these luminous filters will work on the same principle of color blocking, as the red-lens luminous filters do, so that you can partially block-out the red back design of the cards. By reducing the intensity of the red back design, you will be more able to see the faint luminous marks that are hiding inside the back design of the card. But, in addition to the color blocking effect, the Black Predator luminous filters also use another technology that you will not find in any other types of luminous products. This system also works on the principle of wavelength shifting.

Every surface will reflect different wavelengths of light. This is how we see colors. In addition to the visible range of light some surfaces also reflect some wavelengths that humans are not able to see. One good example from nature is the light reflected from the petals of most flowers. One of the reasons that the bees can find the flowers scattered around the countryside is because insects can see a component of light that humans are unable to see, and to an insect the petals of a flower literally fluoresce like the lights on a Christmas tree. But humans cannot see this because we are not the ones that play any role in pollinating plants.

As in the above example, our luminous inks and daubs also reflect a big part of a component of light that falls outside of the visible range for humans. With the aid of our luminous filters you can see a small part of this invisible light. How?

This system works on the principle of color shifting; in other words, shifting the wavelength of light. This is a new technology that was recently discovered by a Nobel Prize winning scientist, and it is the exact technology used for this system. This luminous technology will actually change the wavelength of light, so that some of the invisible light with is strongly reflected form the luminous ink will actually fall into the visible range. Furthermore, as a byproduct of shifting the wavelength of light, the amplitude of the same light will also change; in this case it will amplify, which is very much desired. So, because of this increased amplitude some of the wavelengths will start to fluoresce. If you ever try wearing our Black Predator glasses or contacts in the sun, you will see that certain colors fluoresce as if they are illuminated with a black light. Also, if you take these glasses in a poppy field, you will start seeing the petals of the flowers almost like the bees do. But, a word of caution, these luminous glasses or contacts should NEVER BE WORN IN THE SUN. Wearing these in the sun will severely damage your eyes. These filters are only intended to be used for indoor lighting.


So, what can you really see with this system?

You will not be able to achieve any miracles, however, you will very much be able to see luminous marks that are not visible without these filters. But these luminous marks will have to be faint. If you pain the cards too dark, you will definitely be able to see the marks very clearly. But then you are running the risk that others may be able to detect some kind of stains even without the glasses. Although in this case people without the luminous filters will not be able to see these marks as clearly as you do, they may still detect them if they happen to notice.

Your goal is to fine tune the strength of the luminous marks to the point that they are barely visible with the aid of the luminous filters. In this case you will be able to easily detect them because you know exactly what to look for. But what chance do others have to see these marks? If you put the work on the cards properly, there is absolutely no chance anyone could see them without the luminous filters.


This technology, as described above, makes the Black Predator luminous system the best luminous system ever designed.

What information we need from you...
... before we can start making your contacts.


To ensure a perfect fit, you will need to provide us with exact measurements of your eyes, obtained from your local eye doctor. The important parameters are: K-readings (base curve), visible iris diameter, pupil size in dim light, and spectacle prescription. Following are detailed descriptions of these parameters, just to give you an understanding of what these readings are.


K-readings and Base Curve:

K-readings, short for Keratometric Readings, determine the exact curvature (steepness) of your eyes. Those readings are used to produce the precise base curve for the contact lens, to ensure a perfect fit on your eyes. Each one of your eyes may have different readings. K-readings are used to determine the Base Curve Radius for the contact lenses.

Base Curve Radius [BCR] is a parameter of a contact lens. Typical values are from 8.00 to 10.00 mm. The base curve is the radius of the sphere that the back of the contact lens describes. Contact lenses must fit well to the wearer's cornea in order to be comfortable and to facilitate tear exchange and oxygen transmission.

In everyday practice, if contact lenses feel "loose" and slide easily a smaller base curve may work better. A large base curve may be needed if they feel tight. Lenses with smaller base curves are referred to as "steep". Following are illustrations to help you understand how the contacts fit over your eyes and why it is important to obtain exact readings.

contact lens contact lens contact lens
perfect fit loose base curve steep base curve

If the lens' base curve matches the K-readings of your eye perfectly, the lens will fit perfectly over your eye, as seen in the first image. However, if this reading is incorrect, the lens will either be loose or steep. If the base curve it loose the lens will contact your eye in the center but not around the edges of the lens. In this case a soft lens would wrinkle around the edges; whenever you blink, the lens may shift around the eye. In the opposite example, if the base curve is steep, the lens will only fit around the edges but not in the center. In this case a soft lens could wrinkle in the center of the eye and since the lens is too tight around the edges your eyes would dry up.


Iris and Pupil Diameters:

The iris is the colored part of your eye, which connects to a muscle that contracts or expands the pupil. The iris has a fixed diameter, typically around 11mm. The pupil is the black circle at the center of the eye. The diameter of the pupil changes based on lighting conditions.

eye iris eye pupil
iris pupil

When you order your contact lenses you will have to supply us with measurements for the iris size and pupil size in dim lighting. Please note that your pupil size is not fixed. Furthermore, once you place colored contacts over your eyes the pupil will expand even more, because the amount of light that enters the eye will be reduced, so your eye will automatically adjust.


Spectacle Prescription:

If you have any prescription, we need to know about it. Unfortunately, we will not be able to make contact lenses with your prescription, but for technical reasons, we still need to know what your prescription is. There are two reasons why we are not able to make prescription lenses.

First of all, to produce this product, we work with two licensed labs; each doing part of the work independent of each other, and neither one knowing exactly what these contacts are for. When it comes to prescription lenses both need to follow FDA guidelines and regulations. Our contact lenses are so dark that they fall outside of the FDA approved specs and because of this reason, a licensed lab will not agree to make this type of lens because they risk losing their license.

The other reason is purely technical in nature. If you have a prescription the colored part of the lens will throw the prescription off and the lens, once painted, will no longer have the correct prescription. The solution for this problem is to fit you with a pair of non-corrective contacts, first. Then you will need to go to your eye doctor, and obtain new spectacle prescription readings, while wearing the contacts in your eyes. Based on these new readings, you will need to order a brand new pair of prescription glasses that you would wear only while wearing these contacts.

What you need to know...
... before you make any decisions.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of contact lenses, over regular sunglasses?

Unfortunately, there are more disadvantages than advantages. The obvious advantage is that you would not have to wear sunglasses, which may look odd in certain surroundings. But using contact lenses creates several disadvantages that you should be aware of.

  1. Contacts are a more expensive option. Sunglasses last forever, but contact lenses should be changed after about one year of use.
  2. Improper use of contact lenses can result in damage to your eyes. You can get fungal infections, if you do not keep your contacts clean, and you can also damage your eyes if you do not use the lenses properly.
  3. You can never share your contact lenses with a partner, and you can never sell them if you decide to retire.
  4. You cannot remove contact lenses as fast as you can remove sunglasses.
  5. When you wear contact lenses you will not be able to see exactly what other people see. So, if you use daub, you will have to be more careful not to put it on the cards too heavily. With sunglasses you can always glimpse over the frames, but contacts are stuck in your eyes for the entire duration.
  6. Wearing the "Black Predator" lenses in the sun (either sunglasses or contacts) will damage your eyes. You should never wear those in the sun. So, with contacts you will have to go through a procedure to remove them. With glasses you do not have this issue. But fortunately you will mostly play at night, anyway, so you don't have to worry about wearing lenses in the sun.
  7. If you wear these contact lenses at night you will see very badly because they are very dark. Again, if you wear sunglasses you can simply take them off, but contacts are stuck in your eyes.
  8. If you use our luminous ink, you will have to mark-up a deck of cards (or several decks) in the privacy of your home, before you take the cards to the game. With the glasses you can work easily and check your work by removing the glasses, as you paint each card. But if you only wear contacts this job will become more complicated.
  9. The size of your pupil is not a fixed measurement, because your pupil gets larger in the dark. For this reason the size of the painted dot on the contact lens can never truly be a perfect fit. However, it is generally made a bit larger than the size of your pupil in dim lighting, so that it always covers the area of the pupil.
  10. Your eyes may get tired wearing those contacts. Again, it is not as simple to remove them as sunglasses.
  11. Contact lenses may be more noticeable in blue eyes. Dark eyes are generally not a problem.
  12. The lenses in our "Black Predator" glasses are gradated, so you can tilt your head to adjust for different lighting conditions. However, the contact lenses are one flat color and do not allow any adjustments.

Ordering options:

  1. Standard contact lenses - Our standard option consists of a pair of contact lenses that are custom made to your eyes. You have to be prepared to go through several tests before we can start making your lenses.
  2. Hybrid contact lenses - Our hybrid option consists of a pair of contact lenses and luminous glasses that need to be worn together, at the same time, to achieve desired results. In a practical sense, this option offers an added level of security because the glasses are useless without the contacts. So, should anyone happen to look through your glasses at the marked cards, they would not be able to see the luminous marks unless they were also wearing your contact lenses (provided that the cards were marked properly). Please be advised that this option dramatically increases the production costs.


  1. Black Predators should not be used in very dark places (which should be obvious).
  2. The system cannot be used under fluorescent lights. Fluorescent light tubes produce a wavelength of light that is completely useless for the use of Black Predators. The luminous marks will not be visible under those lighting conditions.
  3. You should NEVER ATTEMPT TO USE THIS SYSTEM IN A CASINO. Modern casinos have equipment that will detect these luminous marks within minutes. So, this system is designed especially for private games.
  4. Some brands of playing cards are better suited than others. This system works best on playing cards with intricate back designs, such as Bicycle, Tally-Ho, Shellbacks, KEM Arrowbacks...etc. The busier the back design the better, because you can get away with stronger luminous marks. By contrast, the use of cards with uniform backs, such as the popular Bee brand, should be avoided, because even slight imperfections in a uniform back design are more likely to be noticed by astute observers.
  5. Black Predator glasses or contact lenses should NEVER BE WORN IN THE SUN. These glasses have not been designed to block harmful radiation from the sun. In fact, these luminous filters will amplify all the harmful radiation that regular sunglasses are designed to block-out. You will severely damage your eyes if you wear Black Predators in the sun.

Do you want a private demonstration before you decide to buy?

If you wish, you can arrange for a private demo, before you decide to purchase this product. A private demo costs $500. If you decide to buy the product, your $500 demo fee will be fully applied towards your purchase. If you decide to not purchase the $500 fee is NOT refundable. You should only consider paying for a demo if you actually want to make a purchase. This type of arrangement is the standard industry procedure for any demos of professional cheating gaffs, and it is not up for negotiation. This also ensures that you know that not too many people have seen the system with their own eyes, which further ensures that your suckers will not know what to look for (because most of them have not had the chance to see the real stuff). The purpose of a private demo is not so you can see if the system works, it is so you can make an educated decision if the system is best for you. Remember, just because a system is a good one, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is the best solution for your needs.

The demo can be done in two installments.

  1. First half of the demo is done through the mail. You send us the first half of the demo fee ($250) by mail. As soon as your payment clears we send you a sample playing card, marked with our luminous ink or daub. When you receive this card you may actually think that we sent an un-marked card. Once you have this card in your possession you can examine it to your heart's content. Chances that you would spot our luminous marks are next to none - even if you try using red filters.
  2. Whenever you are ready to proceed with the second part of the demo you send us another $250, which is the remaining balance of the demo fee, and make arrangements to meet. During the meeting you will get the chance to see a demo of the actual system. You will also bring your sample card to the meeting and get the chance to look at your sample card through our filters. At this time you may actually get goose bumps because you will see for the first time that the sample card you had in your possession bears a mark that can bee seen from across the table, yet still invisible to the naked eye even now when you know exactly what to look for. If you were a serious buyer there should be no reason why you would decide not to purchase this system, after seeing this demonstration with your own eyes. The $500 demo fee is credited directly towards the purchase of the system (which consists of the glasses and ink), so, in effect, you are not spending any extra money for this demo. If you were just a curiosity seeker, and had no intention to buy the system, you should consider your $500 well-spent because you had the chance to look at professional cheating gaffs.

If you are a serious buyer we strongly recommend that you request a demo. Not only will you get the chance to see the system before you commit to purchase it, but more importantly, you will get personal instructions to learn how to properly put the work on the cards. In other words, we will give you valuable one-on-one lessons at no extra charge. The only additional expense is a travel cost. However, you do not have to cover 100% of our travel expenses. If you request a demo, we will submit a travel budget to you, and you will have the chance to accept it or to decline it. In the interest of providing the best possible customer service, we always round off our travel budget lower than what it actually costs to travel. In other words, we cover part of our travel expenses from the $500 demo fee.

Furthermore, in the interest of offering the best possible value for the demo, we will also show you some of our other products.

To request a demo use the contact form.


  1. We do not ship this item to Nevada.
  2. We do not use US Postal Service to ship this item.
  3. We do not accept credit card payment for this item.
  4. We do not offer any refunds for this item. If you are not sure about this purchase, arrange for a private demo.