card cheating: cigarette shiner

Cigarette Shiner

a classic card-cheating gaff

cigarette shinerThis is a highly-polished, precision-made, miniature metal shiner that fits on the back of a cigarette filter; an improved version of a classic cheating gaff. Great for cheating at heads-up poker games, or at the final table of a self-dealt home poker tournament, when the action comes down to three or two players. Why make a deal at the end of a tournament, if you can simply take the game down with this simple little gaff?

Now that we told you what it does, let us tell you some of the technical features of this gaff.

The surface of our cigarette shiner is convex. The convex shape makes it easier to catch the reflection of a card because it is not necessary to find the perfect position for the shiner. This ease of use could never be achieved with a flat-surface mirror. The reflection will appear reduces and somewhat curved, as if seen through at wide-angle fish-eye lens.

The image below shows one of the variations of how the cigarette shiner would be used during a poker game. The cigarette is clipped deep between the fingers, so that the rear end of the filter is not visible by the opponent(s) across the table. Pushing the top card to the side, prior to dealing, will expose the index of the card

cigarette shiner

It should be noted that this method of using the cigarette shiner is only suitable for right-handed users. We recommend that the shiner is used only against one (or maximum two) opponent(s). However, it can still be used at a full table, with relative ease, if it is only used against one of the players (such as the chip leader, the most aggressive player, and so on).

Caution: Harmful if swallowed.