red-lens luminous reader glasses

Classic Red-Lens Luminous Reader Glasses

Luminous System for Marking Cards

red-lens luminous readersThe term Luminous Readers is a general term for a type of marked cards that utilize a color-blocking system. The most popular, and the most reliable, luminous system uses a combination of red lenses and green marks on the backs of red-backed playing cards. The red lenses will cancel-out the red back design and at the same time enhance the faint green marks to the point of visibility.

Since luminous readers attract attention (because they are red) we offer our same glasses with the optional mirror finish. The mirror finish helps conceal the fact the the lenses are red and makes you look more like any other player that is wearing mirror glasses to hide their eyes and poker tells. However, keep in mind that the mirror finish will darken the lenses, so everything will look darker.

How invisible are the luminous marks?

Good question! If you have ever experimented with green ink and red filters you probably gave up in frustration. Either the marks were strong enough to see without the red filters, or they were not visible even when viewed through the filters. After a few test you were probably questioning if it is even possible to make the system work.

The reason for you lack of success is because you didn't have the correct specification for the red filters and the green ink. In short, to build a functional luminous system you must use a very specific red filter with a very specific green ink. Without the correct specifications one will never be able to make a luminous system work.

Our red-lens luminous system has been developed with the help of a scientist, with access to a real laboratory as well as other resources that mere mortals would never think of. Without the slightest exaggeration, it literally took us several years to develop a red-lens luminous system that we believe is the best one ever made. Our luminous marks will be truly invisible to the naked eye, unless viewed through our red-lens filters.

The classic red-lens luminous system is undoubtedly an old cheating method. However, there are still a few good reasons why someone may want to purchase this system.

  • Demo work - If you do any kind of gambling demonstrations this would definitely be one of the props you should show during your presentations. For one, it is a legitimate old-school cheating system, so a gambling demonstration without this gaff would be incomplete. Furthermore, our combination of ink and lenses will impress even the most skeptical. The luminous marks will truly look invisible to the naked eye, until they are viewed through these red lenses.
  • Inspection work - If you need to inspect cards for luminous work, you need these glasses. Whether you want to inspect suspect cards, or if you want to inspect your own luminous work, there are no other glasses that will do a better job. Even if you own a pair of our Black Predator luminous glasses, you may still want to consider using these red-lenses to put the luminous work on your cards.
  • Cheating at cards - Finally, these glasses can still be used in live games. Sure, you wouldn't want to show up at a game with red lenses, but this is why we offer mirror coatings. Keep in mind, though, that a stronger mirror coating will darken up your vision.

Technical facts:

These glasses are fitted with laboratory-grade optical filters. The filters are not just red-coated pieces of glass; they are actually made from red glass. The color of the filters is a very specific red color that has been produced to a very tight tolerance as any deviation from the required specifications would not produce desired results. The filters are made from flat glass. For this reason we recommend that the filters should be fitted into round frames (as seen on the photo).

How is our red-lens luminous system different form the other luminous systems?

If you ever purchased a luminous system from an internet site you were probably disappointed at the quality, and the performance, of the gaff. You have to realize that most of the internet sites that sell those types of gadgets are owned by people who don't really have any connections to the gambling world, let alone to the tight underground crooked-gambling community. Asking those guys for advice about gambling issues is like asking a monk for advice about women.

The owners of these sites are just enthusiasts that have done a few tests, without really understanding the proper theory, and started selling half-baked gadgets on the web. SIn recent years, some sites have started selling a mysterious gimmick which they claim can be attached to the back of any regular sunglasses, and be used as luminous readers. This is simply not true. First of all, this mysterious gimmick is simply a piece of a red gel that you can purchase at any photo-supply store. This red is not the proper red that should be used for luminous work. The other fact that these merchants don't realize is that one cannot simply put a filter (even if it's the proper filter) behind any glasses. The reasons is simply because regular sunglasses can (and do) have all kinds of coatings and other colors that may (and do) filter out some of the components that are necessary for luminous work.

Furthermore, those guys have no real technical knowledge about the physics involved with luminous work, and have no access to any real research labs. Our luminous system has been developed with the help of a scientist with full access to a real research laboratory and all the other necessary resources and equipment. How does this compare to some guy mixing up potions in his kitchen? You be the judge of that when you see what our luminous cards look like.

Would you like to see a demo?

In the world of crooked gambling there is a tradition that one has to pay to look at a gaff. This keep the real gaff from being overexposed. After all, we wouldn't want all of the peasants to know what this stuff looks like. The current minimum price tag for a demo is $500. You pay $500 to look at the gaff. If you decide to buy it, your $500 goes towards the purchase; if you decide not to buy it, you paid $500 to see it.

The demo is done in two installments.

  1. First half of the demo is done through the mail. You send us the first half of the demo fee ($250) by mail. As soon as your payment clears we send you one sample playing card marked with our luminous ink. When you receive this card you may actually think that we sent an un-marked card. Once you have this card in your possession you can examine it to your heart's content. Chances that you would spot our luminous marks are next to none - even if you try using red filters.
  2. Whenever you are ready to proceed with the second part of the demo you send us another $250, which is the remaining balance of the demo fee, and make arrangements to meet. During the meeting you will get the chance to see a demo of the actual system. You will also bring your sample card to the meeting and get the chance to look at your sample card through our filters. At this time you may actually get goose bumps because you will see for the first time that the sample card you had in your possession bears a mark that can bee seen from across the table, yet still invisible to the naked eye even now when you know exactly what to look for.

If you were a serious buyer there should be no reason why you would decide not to purchase this system, after seeing a live demo. The $500 demo fee is credited directly towards the purchase of the system (which consists of the glasses and ink), so, in effect, you are not spending any extra money for this demo. If you were just a curiosity seeker, and had no intention to buy the system, you should consider your $500 well-spent because you had the chance to look at professional cheating gaffs.

If you are a serious buyer we strongly recommend that you request a demo. Not only will you get the chance to see the system before you commit to purchase it, but more importantly, we will teach you how to properly put the work on the cards. In other words, we will give you valuable one-on-one lessons at no charge; all it will cost you is your travel expenses.

To request a demo use the contact form.


These glasses should never be worn while driving. These red filters are so strong that they will make stop signs and traffic lights look invisible. Also, wearing these glasses for an extended period of time, in general, is also not a good idea. Some users may experience headaches.