green luminous ink

Classic Luminous Ink

Luminous System for Marking Cards

marked cards: luminous inkThis is the classic luminous ink used for the red-lens luminous readers system. The term classic is actually a misnomer, in this case. Our luminous ink has specific characteristics that make it work extremely well with our red-lens luminous glasses. In other words, our ink is different from any of the standard formulas that can be purchased from other vendors; it is also not the same luminous ink that has been distributed by the old crooked gambling suppliers in the past. Our ink has been developed specifically for our Classic Red-Lens Luminous Reader Glasses, with the help of a scientist in a research laboratory, and we guarantee that the specific properties of this ink have been fine-tuned to produce the best possible results with our red-lens glasses.

If you are looking for a red-lens luminous system, this is the best one available anywhere. Period!

It should also be noted that this ink is not the same ink that we sell for our Black Predator luminous reader glasses. This ink will not work with the Black Predators and should not be purchased for that purpose.


This ink will only be sold to customers who have previously purchased our Classic Red-Lens Luminous Reader Glasses. No exceptions!