Pegger Card Punch

Classic Pegger Card Punch

Make your own marked cards with our classic card punch.


This is an improved version of a classic card punch design. The improvement allows for a more precise adjustment of the pin. The improved locking mechanism locks the pin securely in place and prevents slippage that is common with other conventional peggers.


Brief Description:

A card punch is used to mark playing cards for games such as blackjack and poker. The cards are marked by punching a small tent into the face of the cards. This produces a small protrusion on the back of the card that can be felt by the dealer while dealing the cards. These marks are commonly called "blisters" and are somewhat reminiscent to the Braille script.

Punched cards can be read, while dealing, without the need to look at the cards. Once the value of the top card is known the dealer can either use this information to know which players have been dealt the punched cards, or to steer the punched cards to a desired position by means of second dealing. This application of the second deal is commonly known as the "punch deal".

We offer our classic peggers in two variations. One variation uses an Allen key to tighten the pin and the other variation uses a tightening knob. Both peggers work equally well, but the model with the Allen key is somewhat more secure because there is no chance to accidentally release the pin. You can also purchase a combo model which basically comes with the optional accessory to change the tightening bolt to either one.