Counterfeit Casino Bee Playing Cards

Counterfeit "Bee" Casino Cards

a MUST-HAVE for any collector of rare playing cards

Outside of being a collectors' item, these cards have no real value. They are counterfeit playing cards, of unknown origin, made to look like "Bee" casino cards from the Sands Regency Casino Hotel in Reno, Nevada. They were made somewhere in Asia (possibly China) and smuggled illegally into the United States, to be sold in convenience stores.

The US Playing Card Co. [USPCC], the legitimate maker of "Bee" cards, is fighting a war with counterfeiters. A number of different counterfeit "Bee" cards have emerged in recent years. The more common counterfeit "Bee" decks are the "Connell Bros." counterfeit deck, and the "Bee - 99" bridge size deck; both made to look like "Bee" cards with standard plain backs. Usually all counterfeit playing cards are also factory marked, however, these decks are not.

These particular decks are unusual because they were made to look like used casino cards, with the "Sands Regency" logo. Furthermore, the box design is different from the usual counterfeit "Bee" boxes. This box is printed in three colors (red, blue, and gold) and has a die cut window with a cellophane, through which the bar-code card may be seen. The back side of the box also bears a casino log table. The top side of the box is sealed with a counterfeit sticker, like the ones used to reseal real casino cards after they've been repackaged.

The construction of the box is not the same as the construction of the genuine USPCC casino box. The main difference is the bottom side of the box, which has been made to be closed with a tuck-in flap, in much the same way as the top side. Genuine casino boxes are factory-sealed on the bottom by folding and gluing together opposite flaps from the the front and the back sides.

Counterfeit Casino Bee Playing Cards

The quality of these cards is inferior to the originals they were made to replicate. These cards are made from paper that does not have the same flexibility and durability; the finish on the cards looks like a laminate; and the box is flimsier. Although the cards were made to look like repackaged, used casino cards, these have not been cancelled in any way, as is the usual security procedure with genuine casino cards. Finally, although these cards are made to look like they came from the Sands Regency Casino, they would never pass as real ones, simply because their appearance makes them look like obvious fakes.

Due to the small supply of these counterfeit cards, we limit all orders to one deck per customer. The current price, which is relatively high, does not reflect the quality of the cards; it only reflects the rarity and the collectors' value. Furthermore, the price is very likely to go up, as soon as our supply drops down to a few remaining decks.

We do not promote the production, or distribution of counterfeit playing cards, or any other counterfeit products. We do not try to sell these cards as genuine articles, nor do we try to ruin the reputation of the USPCC. We are only making a few of these hard-to-find decks available to collectors who wish to add one deck to their private collections of rare and historic cards.

We will not ship counterfeit playing cards to a PO Box using US Postal Service. Will will only ship to a street address using a courier service, such as UPS or FedEx.