Casino Game Protection, by Steve Forte

Casino Game Protection:
A Comprehensive Guide

by Steve Forte

30 Years of Research
In One Definitive Volume!

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Casino Game Protection: A Comprehensive Guide is the culmination of almost 30 years of research into the arena of casino cheating, advantage play, electronic player assistance, and you name it. If it was made, designed, worked out, played, or dreamed of, and had anything to do with beating the casino -- legally or otherwise -- it's probably discussed in this book.

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Since every casino in the world is different regarding its level of security, overall pit expertise, and quality of surveillance, their security needs are also different. What might be considered an obsolete technique in a premier property, could very well have application in the peripheral markets. In fact, no casino is immune from the craftiness of the professional cheater or the sophistication of today's advantage players. Therefore, a wide range of scams and strategies are presented in this work from the standpoint and conviction that there is a time and place for every scam and strategy discussed in its pages.

Casino Game Protection covers everything from marked cards and "coolers" to advantage play and electronic assistance; everything from game manipulation and sleight-of-hand to the subtleties and psychology of the most successful scams and strategies ever encountered; everything from gaming law and procedural issues to the most common myths and misconception are discussed in detail.

Scams and strategies run the gambit of rank and amateurish to sophisticated and professional, so with each topic, a variety of moves were selected that best illustrate the spectrum of a particular technique or strategy. Also covered in some detail is the historical development of many of today's scams or strategies. This background provides us with a deeper understanding of how and why certain scams, strategies, and procedures have evolved, which may, in turn, provide us with some sense of what to expect in the future.

The research begins with discussions of those important background topics that lay the groundwork for the detailed game information to follow. After the games are covered, along with chapters dealing exclusively on card counting, and advantage play (focus on shuffle tracking), we'll look at some universal scams (focus on marked cards). The final chapter looks at the science of detection and numerous related topics.

Numerous references to existing works are sited, and every effort was made to give credit where credit was due. An extensive glossary and index is provided, along with a detailed bibliography to help point you in the direction of quality information for further research.

Written in an informal style, and with almost 500 color photographs, the book also features plenty of entertaining anecdotes and sometimes-colorful language. The goal was to make Casino Game Protection both interesting to read and easy to understand ... all designed to maximize the learning process.

Casino Game Protection was written for all capacities and levels of experience. If you are new to gaming, this book provides your opportunity to separate fact from fiction, and to expand your game protection knowledge in short order. For veteran gamers who believe that the cornerstone of an effective, confident supervisor, pit boss, casino manager, or surveillance operator is a well-rounded knowledge of game protection, this book will provide an invaluable reference tool. Casino Game Protection was written with the hope of providing all gamers, especially those with a thirst for knowledge, and regardless of their level of experience, with a definitive guide to this vital industry topic.

Finally, the book provides the rarest of insight and perspective, as the author is one who has worked many years in the industry, played many years as a successful high-stakes professional gambler, and later as a casino consultant with clients worldwide.

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