Cheating Las Vegas - DVD, James Woods

Cheating Las Vegas - DVD

Nationally televised special narrated by James Woods, now available on DVD!

The description on the back of the case reads as follows:

"In one of the world's most notorious cities, cheating has been around for as long as the city itself. Go inside Las Vegas casinos with sophisticated cheaters as they show how technology and old-school methods are used to steal millions of dollars. See first-hand how professional cheaters use their tricks-of-the-trade to pull off some of today's biggest and most dangerous scams against the world's largest casinos! Follow the Nevada Gaming Commission, casino security teams and private investigative specialists as they work the other side of the green felt table to stop these cyber-thieves.

Today, high-tech on-body computers have replaced the crude and simple mechanical devices of the past. Microwave transmitters, satellite dishes, mini-surveillance cameras and lasers have become tools of the trade for cheaters and enforcers alike. How are police agencies protecting the gambling industry? In a constant technological battle, newer and more advanced detection equipment is being developed to catch thieves at the cyber-crossroads. Beyond 'eye in the sky' cameras, casinos now use specialists in electronic detection.

For highly organized cheaters, riches can be just a few hours away, but how do they do it? CHEATING LAS VEGAS takes you into the shadowy underworld of organized cheating. These groups use mathematicians to calculate probabilities, computer programmers to write strategies and engineers to design and manufacture equipment. They continue to develop newer and more ingenious ways of making money off the 'house'. CHEATING LAS VEGAS has gained access to these teams and their high-tech tools of the trade.

DVD BONUS MATERIAL includes over 30 minutes of never-before-seen footage and interviews taking you deeper into the minds of Las Vegas' most notorious cheaters!"

DVD Details

  • Audio: English
  • Approximate Run Time: 90 Minutes
  • Color
  • Screen Format: Full-screen
  • Region: 0 (For Use In All Regions)
  • DVD Manufacturer: Brentwood Home Video