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Marked Cards

The secret of the juice deck is, without any doubt, the most sought after information of all marked cards systems. The mystery surrounding juice has boggled the minds of many curiosity seekers, for decades. The usual description of juice states that the cards bear invisible marks, yet the marks can be seen from across the table only if one has mastered the proper viewing technique.

As the internet became increasingly popular some people saw an opportunity to start making money by selling juice decks. There was only one problem. They had no idea how to make up a juice deck.

Since our site has already been established as the number one resource for crooked gambling, these individuals started bombarding us with numerous email inquiries hoping that we would share the secret of juice with them. Since we always declined to reveal any clues, they even sent us descriptions of their own recipes and theories, and asked us if they were on the right track. Their theories were borne from pure imagination and were always dead wrong, even laughable. Although we told them that they weren’t even close to the correct answer they still decided to start selling their own versions of juice, on their dinky sites, shortly after contacting us. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that their products have nothing to do with the actual juice work used by card hustlers.

The owners of these dinky sites, that sell marked cards, are just curiosity seekers, themselves. They’ve never managed to crawl out of the sand box, and have absolutely no connections to the gambling world. The extent of their gambling happens in front of the bedroom mirror. Neither one of them has ever even played cards on any somewhat regular basis, and they have no access to any of the people that could give them the right information. In short, these guys were only after a quick buck and they collected thousands of bucks from curiosity seekers that browse the internet.

As a result he public has been misinformed about juice. Hundreds of pseudo juice decks were sold to hundreds of people that had no way of knowing what a real juice deck should look like. To set the record straight, and to stop these dorks from flooding the market with their junk, we have decided to make real juice decks available through our site.

Now get ready for some real information about juice.

A Brief History of Juice

Juice was invented by a Canadian card cheat whose name was Ike Turner. He has developed the juice formula on his own because he had a connection to an source for the chemical that was used as the main active ingredient for juice. The secret of juice was exposed when Ike Turner got into a fight with his girlfriend, who knew his secret. Since she couldn’t care less about keeping the information under wraps she decided to spill the beans to the authorities to get her ex arrested. Eventually word was out about his ingenious card marking system and ever since people have been trying to get-a-hold of the secret. Very few ever did, and you can bet your house that the owners of the dinky sites that sell so-called juice decks have no idea what goes into making the real work. In fact they have never eve heard of Ike Turner, up until now. If you ever come across the Ike Turner story on any other sites you can rest assured that the information came from the page you are reading now.

Juice Formulas

We offer juice decks made up with the original Formula IT (the original Ike Turner formula). In addition, we also offer the original next generation juice formula that has been subsequently developed by the top paper players. This formula has some improvements over the original Formula IT (mostly affecting the application of the juice) and is the formula that has been the most sought after information in the quest for the juice secret. This formula comes in two variations, Formula J-50 and Formula J-100. The difference is that Formula J-50 uses the original Ike Turner ingredient as well as a new component in a 50-50 ratio, while Formula J-100 uses 100% of the new active ingredient, only.

From a practical point of view, for reading the juice, these formulas are virtually identical. The only way one could discern the difference is by taking a juiced-up card to a lab for a spectral analysis test. We offer these three choices solely for completion.

Juice Code Options

Although there is one universal juice code, no one can know for sure how many coding systems have been independently developed. Nevertheless, we offer three options to choose from. Please note that all of our options are very practical because they have been designed to mimic the standard juice code, which means that it takes very little effort to switch from one code to another. Please take your time to read carefully over our descriptions and recommendations.

  • Standard Juice Code - This is the most popular universal juice code. It consists of dime-size dots and cigarette-size lines. The code is widely known, which makes it somewhat vulnerable. Although it has established itself as a standard juice code, we do not recommend it because it is not the most deceiving juice solution. We have never sold this work to any of our serious clients and we have included it here solely for completion.
  • Border Shade Juice - This code utilizes the same size symbols as the standard juice code described above, except that the placement of the lines and dots makes the work by far more deceptive. To the best of our knowledge we developed this code independently. The pattern is closely related to the standard juice code pattern and is easily memorized by anyone who knows the standard code. If you are looking for a code that is much better than the standard code, and yet still bears a resemblance, this one is by far your best choice.
  • Line Juice - This is a fairly popular professional-choice juice code that utilizes short horizontal and vertical lines. Unlike the standard juice code, line juice does not have a universal coding system, however, the code that we offer is based on the placement of the symbols from the standard juice code, which eliminates confusion. This work is priced higher because the technique used to put the work on properly is more time consuming.

Juice Combinations

Juice is typically marked either as a ten-way combination for blackjack, or as a thirteen-way combination for poker. Other combinations have been developed but we do not offer them at this time. It should be noted that the Standard Juice Code is originally a ten-way blackjack combination; the thirteen-way poker combination of this code is just a variation that can be found in many incarnations, depending who makes it.

All of our juice decks are custom-made to order. To properly make up a juice deck the cards must be inspected at least 24 hours after the work has been put on. At that time some of the cards may have to be replaced and redone. Please allow 2 to 4 days before your juice deck can be shipped.

We only offer juice decks in paper cards. However, customers who have purchased good from us in the amount totaling $1,000 or more, at any time in the past, qualify to have a juice deck custom-made on plastic cards.