A Call -In Arizona - 1895
A.C. Radwood

Color lithograph, 29.5 x 46.4 cm

A.C. Radwood: A Call - In Arizona

Elisha Whittelsey Collection

Not much is known of the artist who signed this work as A.C. Radwood. Although far from being a masterpiece this piece is still of some interest to those interested in artists' renditions of gambling and cheating themes.

The scene represents an argument that aroused over what seems to be a game of draw poker. Any time there is a fight over a game of cards, one can assume that cheating lays at the heart of it. In this picture cheating is evident due to the presence of two Aces of Hearts. One of them is seen in the hand of the man that is evidently accused of cheating, and the other one lays on the floor.