If this is your first time visit to the Bulletin Board please read the entire instructions below. You will have to register again at the Bulletin Board level, to be able to access the forums. The screen shot below shows where you will have to register, once you access the Bulletin Board.

CARDSHARK Online - Crooked Gambling Forums

ENTER BULLETIN BOARD - If this is your first visit to the Bulletin Board you will need to register your User Name and Password, separately, to access the Bulletin Board. Please note this is a requirement even if you already have "level 1" membership on this site.

The Bulletin Board registration is a one time requirement - it is required that you choose the same User Name, Password, and e-mail address as in your "level 1" membership.

To request "level 1" membership please fill out our membership request form.

To request "level 2" membership for our Bulletin Board enter the bulletin board and fill out the registration. But you must already have "level 1" membership to do that.