Crooked Gambling Lectures


Our crooked gambling lecture is a live, video-enhanced demonstration of sleight-of-hand moves and other cheating strategies used by card cheats. You will see how these cheating moves are executed and how they are used in card games. This lecture is educational as well as entertaining.


Listed are some of the topics covered in our crooked gambling lecture:


The Art History of Cheating -- A slide show of notable paintings that depict gambling cheats in action.

• The Theory and Business of Card Cheating -- A revealing overview of the theory of card cheating.

• Crooked shuffles, Stacking and Cuts -- A live demonstration of some best hand techniques employed by card sharks. You will see some methods of stacking a deck to ensure a winning hand and how cheats overcome the cut.

• Crooked Deals -- The cards always appear to be dealt from the top of the deck. But are they? You will see a demonstration of all these deals (such as second dealing and bottom dealing) and learn how they are used in a real game.

• Card switches and Deck Switches -- You will see how cards can be switched during play. Also, how an entire stacked deck may be switched into play.

• Marked Cards and Other Gaffs -- Many gaffs have been designed throughout history. Learn what they are and how they may be used in a game of cards.

• High-Tech Cheating Systems -- A one-of-a-kind live presentation of a high-tech underground cheating equipment used for private high-stakes poker games, such as the Video Juice Camera System and the X-Ray Poker Table.

• Poker Cheating Demo -- A live demonstration of cheating techniques used specifically in the game of poker, with an emphasis on Texas Hold'em and poker tournament.

• Blackjack Cheating Demo -- A live demonstration of cheating techniques used specifically for casino blackjack, including a demo of a gaffed blackjack dealing shoe; this demo is similar to our Bustout Dealer: crooked blackjack games.

• Crooked Dice -- A demonstration of dice manipulations with actual counterfeit crooked dice bearing a casino logo and security features, such as casino tops, loaded dice and casino flats.

• Set-ups -- What cheats do to ensure they get the right marks; how cheats communicate and how they organize their operations.

The lecture is concluded by a question and answer session.


This may be the only chance you'll have to see this type of skill performed live.

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