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Card-Cheating Equipment


Since this site deal primarily with the subject of cheating at cards, the cheating equipment listed on this page

Furthermore, some of the gambling equipment listed in this collection also appears in some other chapters on this site, mainly in holdout devices, marked cards as well as in our online shop.


card-cheating equipment
Arm Pressure Holdout, Caroselli, ca. 1930s - an arm pressure holdout, possibly inspired by the HC Evans model
Arm Pressure Holdout, HC Evans, ca. 1925 - a typical arm pressure holdout from teh early 1900s
Beanies - a gaff used for cheating in self-dealt poker games
Bug - a simple holdout gaff used to switch cards when cheating at poker
Brace for Dealing Shoe - a production tool used for assembling a dealing shoe
Camera System - a fully functional camera system for marked cards
Card Presses - card presses, used mostly by faro banks, to keep the cards straight
Card Trimmers - machines used in the production of stripper decks and trims
Chink Ink - a specialized container of daub
Corner Rounder - a machine used to restore the corners of playing cards, after trimming
The "Fry Pan" Deck Switcher - a simple gaff used for cold decking scams
Gaffed Blackjack Prism Shoe - a gaffed blackjack dealing shoe, fitted with a prism to peek at the top card
Gaffed Faro Box - one of the infamous gaffed faro boxes from the 1900's
Gaffed Skeleton Faro Box - an open-sided gaffed faro box
HC Evans Blockout Ink - an original vial of blockout ink, from HC Evans
Luminous Contact Lenses - various contact lenses for reading marked cards
Luminous Daub - an assortment of various luminous daubs
Luminous Visor - the original luminous visor sold by the KC Card Co
Martin-Type Holdout Machines - mechanical holdout machines for cheating at poker
N Daub - professional-grade daub for marking cards during the course of a game
Peggers - a pocket card punch used to make marked cards with blister marks
Pegger Forming Tools and Dies - a collection of tools used in the manufacturing of peggers
Pipe Shiner - an antique shiner concealed inside a pipe
Rough-and-Smooth Blackjack Dealing Shoe - a gaffed blackjack dealing shoe
Short Sleeve Holdout - the classic short-sleeve poker holdout
Slick Sleeve Shirt for Mechanical Holdout Machine - a modified short used with holdout machines
The "Wizard" Cuff Holders - the cuff holder commonly sold as an antique holdout
Three-Card Monte - an authentic set of cards used by a three-card monte mob
Thumb Prick - a miniature antique card punch
"Vampire" Sleeve Holdout - an antique mechanical holdout machine with a Jacob's ladder mechanism



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