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Dice-Cheating Equipment


Although this site deals primarily with the subject of cheating at cards it would be a missed opportunity not to include a collection of dice-cheating equipment in this Virtual Museum of Crooked Gambling. After all, dice and cards are both used for gambling and it is a well-known fact that many card hustlers are known to blow their winnings at dice, and vice versa.

Furthermore, all the infamous crooked gambling suppliers were distributing dice as well as playing cards. Their Blue Book catalogs were always filled with pages and pages of dice-cheating equipment.

All the equipment listed on this page is dice-related in one way or another. You will find various kinds of dice (gaffed and fair), accessories used for cheating in dice game, as well as some rare equipment used in the production of various types of crooked dice. You will also find various spindle tops and rolling logs, which are closely related to dice.


dice, spindle tops and dice equipment
Butterfly Dice Cup - a gaffed dice cup used to switch loaded dice
Chinese Dice Box - a gaffed dice shaker capable of controlling fair dice
Counterfeit Casino Dice: 1-6 Flats - professionally-made crooked casino dice
Counterfeit Casino Dice: Loaded Dice - professionally-made crooked casino dice
Counterfeit Casino Dice: Tops - professionally-made crooked casino dice
Crazy Dice Shaker - a toy version of a dice shaker
Dice Charger - machine used in the manufacturing of magnetic dice
Dice Holder - a simple gaff used to hold crooked dice in place, ready for a switch
Dice Edgers - a piece of equipment used to put edge-work on dice
Dice Scalping Wheel from Hunt & Co - a production tool for making precision dice, as well as shaved dice
Dice Shapers - a tool used in the manufacturing of beveled dice
Gaffed Spindle Tops - popular gaffed spindle tops used in bar games
Jackpot Dice - a dice game
Magnetic Dice - crooked dice that can be controlled by an external magnet
Magnetic Table - a table with an electromagnetic coil to control magnetic dice
Mechanical Toy Chuck-a-Luck Shaker - a toy version of the chuck-a-luck game
Rolling Log - a cheating tool used in a swindle
Tapping Dice - loaded dice that can be reset by tapping
Whip Dice and Cup - crooked dice



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