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Miscellaneous Gambling Paraphernalia and Cheating Gaffs


There are numerous gambling accessories, crooked or fair, that don't necessarily fit into any specific category. Also, there are some old pieces of gambling equipment that would be a shame not to be included in this Virtual Museum of Crooked Gambling, even if that equipment is not gaffed.


miscellaneous cheating gaffs and gambling paraphernalia
Antique Poker Chips with Case - a set of antique poker chips with original carrying case
Bakelite Roulette Wheel - an original bakelite roulette wheel sold by the KC Card Co
Blue Book by KC Card Co, 1961 - the last edition of the infamous Blue Book gambling catalog
Gaffed Ball Drop Roulette Wheel - an extremely rare gaffed roulette wheel, ca. 1920
Gaffed Pocket Roulette Wheel - a gaffed pocket-size roulette wheel
RF Communication Kit - a communication kit used for secret communication
Punch Board - one of many types of old punch boards



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