CARDSHARK Online is the world's leading crooked gambling and card cheating web site.

We offer valuable up-to-date information regarding the cheating aspect of card games. Some of the cheating methods exposed here are closely kept secrets from the arsenal of the professional card shark. It is not uncommon to pay several hundred, even thousands, of Dollars to buy the secret to the best methods.

Top ten reasons not to read the information on this site:

  1. I only play with friends.
  2. I trust that no one would cheat, because they risk getting caught.
  3. I think I can tell if someone is cheating.
  4. I don't need no one to educate me about nothing!
  5. I am the best card player in the world.
  6. I'd rather let others read all this and let them teach me as we play cards.
  7. I already know everything I need to know about cheating.
  8. I don't mind learning the hard way, even if it ends up costing me.
  9. I can rely on skill.
  10. I don't have time to read.

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