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Tutorials of Card Cheating Techniques


This page provides access to various tutorials of techniques used by professional card cheats. The content is being updated regularly and new tutorials will be added in the future, as time permits. All the tutorials are fully illustrated (with crystal clear line drawings) and explained with detailed instructions. You may track the updates on our blog, through the tutorials tag, or on the updates page on this site.

Our goal is to build the most comprehensive and largest library of card cheating tutorials in the world. Our work has just begun, but already at this point our tutorials are in a class of their own. There's nothing like it anywhere else in the world.

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Also, once you have a membership account you will be able to activate your profile on our bulletin board where I am available to answer questions about these tutorials as well as any other gambling-related issues, and it will also give you the chance to post requests for future tutorials.


Articles and Practice Tips

The purpose of these articles is to give you some good guidelines on learning, training and practicing. All the tutorials on this site are pretty useless if you don't have a good approach towards learning. So, these articles will hopefully provide some advice to those who are looking for effective training tips.

Introduction: Learning from Online Tutorials
Learning Complex Skills
Practicing and Rehearsing
General Notes on Drills and Practice Exercises
Practicing Crooked Deals
Note on "Zigzag" Cycle Drills
Developing Speed
Resting and Sleeping
Recording Your Practice Sessions on Video
Achieving Perfection


Peeking Techniques

Various techniques used to peek at cards. These techniques are generally used when marked cards are not in use but it is still required to gain knowledge of certain cards.

technique difficulty level
The Bubble Peek
The Heel Peek
Cut Card Heel Peek
Cut Card Buckle Heel Peek
Cut Card Reflection Heel Peek
Cut Card Reflection Peek: while cutting
Top Card Rear Buckle Peek
Top Card Side Kick Peek
Pinkie-Count Peek



Crooked Deals

In this section you can find illustrated tutorials of various crooked deals.

technique style difficulty level
Push-off Bottom Deal basic face-down technique
Push-off Double Deal basic deal
Push-off Second Deal basic face-down technique
Basic Prism Shoe Peek and Second Deal Technique basic shoe second deal
Seesaw Second Dealing Technique for the Two Shoe advanced shoe decond dealing technique



Shuffle Work

In this section you can find illustrated tutorials of various false shuffles.

technique difficulty level
Riffle Stacking: basic techniques
Riffle Stacking: blocking off with a full strip-out
Riffle Stacking: blocking off with a partial strip-out
Riffle Stacking: basic principles of RRSR for Texas Hold'em
Riffle Stacking: the cover-up concept
Riffle Stacking: RRSR with cover-ups, for Texas Hold'em


Additional articles on shuffle work and techniques.

Riffle Stacking Simplification Concepts



Drills and Exercises

This section has a listing of various practice drills and exercises, along with video clips where necessary. These drills are absolutely necessary to master the skills described in our tutorials.

practice drills difficulty level
Bottom-Dealing Drill: t-t-t-b cycle with pitching
Second-Dealing Drill: zigzag cycle
Second-Dealing Drill: zigzag cycle with pitching
Second-Dealing Drill: double zigzag cycle with pitching
Basic Ascending Riffle-Stacking Drill
Basic Descending Riffle-Stacking Drill
Basic "Zigzag" Ascending Riffle-Stacking Drill
Progressive Descending Riffle-Stacking Drill
Basic "Zigzag" Descending Riffle-Stacking Drill
Asymmetric "Zigzag" Descending Riffle-Stacking Drill


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