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Collection of Videos from Live Crooked Gambling Scenes


The following videos are small excerpts form a large collection of live cheating videos that are being released to the public for the first time ever, on this site. These are exclusive videos of actual card cheats, that were secretly recorded, while cheating in live money games, either in casinos, card rooms or private card games.

All of the videos in this section have the padlock symbol - - and are accessible only to active members. If you do not have a membership, and wish to sign up, please go to the memberships page for further information.

To view these files you need to have QuickTime installed on your computer.


Casino Surveillance Recordings

The following is a list of selected clips from a larger collection of casino surveillance videos. Many of the videos in our collection were used in prosecution of casino cheats. Only small excerpts of select videos will be shown to the public, to offer a glimpse into the world of casino cheats. Keep in mind, these videos show cheats that were caught - so they must not be so good. Casino cheats that operate under the radars and continue to work undetected are obviously not the same as those that got caught the surveillance.

description game camera view size
bet capping let it ride top left 1.56MB
bet stealing let it ride top front 1.73MB
off-table 3-card switch let it ride overhead 2.04MB
bottom-steal 3-card switch let it ride front 2.09MB
bottom-steal 3-card switch let it ride overhead 6.46MB
Apprehension of a Casino Cheat let it ride overhead 3.37MB
bottom-steal switch let it ride split screen 4.84MB
bottom-steal switch let it ride right hand side 2.53MB
improvised 3-card switch let it ride right hand side 3.13MB
bottom-steal 3-card switch let it ride top front 2.17MB
Russian Cops in Casino slots eye in the sky 2.39MB



Covert Recordings

We have a large collection of covert video recordings of various games. Covert recordings are not the same as casino surveillance recordings (above). When people visit a casino they are well aware of the eye in the sky, so peopel are aware of the fact that they are being recorded. But covert videos are recorded without people being aware of the presence of cameras.

Our collection of covert videos is quite large, however, due to the nature of these videos we can only show a small portion from our collection, at this time. For a very brief period of time some of the covert videos from our collection were listed in this archive. However, shortly after listing those videos, some details that we were unaware of came to our attention and we decided to remove some of those videos from this list.

description game camera view size
casino bonus: the only way to actually make money at roulette roulette low eye level 22.50MB
flawed baccarat shuffle baccarat low eye level 21.64MB
deck rigging poker under table 1.88MB
holdout man poker top left 8.4MB


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