Blue Book from KC Card Co, 1961


The KC Card Co, from Chicago Illinois, was one of many mail order companies that were in the business of distributing crooked gambling supplies. These crooked gambling supplies were sold as "novelty items" and listed in the companies' Blue Book catalogs. The Blue Book was the name of the

The 1961 issue of the KC Card Co Blue Book is the historic edition of the infamous crooked gambling supply catalog. The historic significance lies in the fact that this was the very last edition of the Blue Book ever issued by the company. In fact, the company never even distributed their 1961 Blue Books to their customers because they were delivered from the printer right after the company ceased selling crooked gambling equipment. Instead, the entire batch of catalogs were kept in their boxes and forgotten.


Blue Book: KC Card Co, 1961


Boxes full of these catalogs were discovered by collectors, four decades after they've been forgotten. The KC Card Co (that was still in business) was happy enough to sell out all the unopened boxed full of 1961 Blue Book catalogs and make room in their warehouse. Those who were fortunate enough to get in on a deal and acquire some the remaining stock are periodically selling these catalogs on eBay and through various channels. Since these catalogs were stored in boxes for forty years, most are still in mint condition.

These catalogs are very desirable by collectors of old crooked gambling paraphernalia. Even is many remain to be sold, it is just a matter of time when those who have batches of them sell out their last remaining copies.