Chinese Dice Box


This is a gaffed dice shaker, commonly called Chinese dice box. The dice are fair but the box is specially designed to allow the operator to shake any number desired. This dice box used to be sold by all the major crooked gambling supply distributors, mainly, the KC Card Co, Hunt & Co, Mason & Co... etc.


Chinese dice box


This gaff is fairly simple to operate. The mechanic is just required to remember the orientation of both dice prior to putting the lid on the box. The secret is in the interior shape of the dice box. As you can see the bottom of the box is convex, and the side is beveled. This interior shape allows the operator to control the dice, if correct shaking motion is used. The correct way to shake the box, if one desires to control the dice, is to swing it up and down. The exact motion is hard to explain without showing, but the result of the correct handling is a quarter turn of the dice, for each shake. So, a desired number can be controlled, seemingly by randomly rattling the dice inside the box, if the operator knows how many quarter turns of the dice are require to reach the desired outcome.


Below is a clipping from the 1961 KC Card Co. Blue Book, advertising their Chinese dice box.

Chinese Dice Box