The "Fry Pan" Deck Switcher


This simple gaff shows how basic some of the best gaffs can be. As the name implies, the gaff is used to switch a deck - in other words, it is used in the act of ringing in a cooler.

deck switcher: poker cheating device for cold decking

This gaff has several advantages over any machine-type decks switchers. For one, it is simpler and there is nothing to break or jam. This alone is a big advantage over a machine with a lot of intricate moving parts, such as a Jacob's ladder machine. Also, in the event that the gaff is discovered one can almost say that a good smooth talker would perhaps even be able to convince the opponents that this is just an innocent object, that he is carrying for a friend. Although this is a far fetched scenario, we can say with absolute certainty that no amount of smooth talking would ever convince anyone that a Jacob's ladder machine is anything else then what it appears to be. There is really no need to speculate too much on any such hypothetical scenarios, but my point is that this simple gaff is much better suited for a professional card cheat than any one of it's mechanical cousins. Perhaps this is why this gaff was actually used.

I have no interest in revealing the exact working details of this gaff, but I can say as much that this picture is missing a simple accessory that is attached to the gaff to make it work. Also, the gaff is not used to bring a cooler into the game; just to get rid of the legitimate deck.