Counterfeit Casino Dice: 1-6 Flats


This is a pair of counterfeit Caesar's Palace casino dice - gaffed, of course. These dice are not perfect cubes, which makes them favor certain numbers. In these case these dice are shaved on the 1-6 side, which is why they are called 1-6 flats.


crooked casino dice: 1-6 flats

The principle of these dice is usually described in print with the matchbox analogy. In short, if a matchbox is tossed around like a die it will land more frequently on the two flat sides then on the four narrow edges. These dice are proportionally much closer to being cubes, so they will not land on the 1 and the 6 as often as a matchbox will land on either one of the flat sides. But the principle is the same.

If you look at the enlarged photo closely you will notice that although the dice have been laid onto a flat surface, there is still a small step, on the upper edge, between the dice.