Dice Scalping Wheel from Hunt & Co


This scary-looking object is an original production tool that was used by Hunt & Co in the making of precision dice, as well as shaved dice. This tool is unique and also quite historic, when one considers the fact that all the shaved dice ever sold by Hunt & Co were probably all made with this particular tool.

Hunt used to have two larger wheels that when mounted stood about 5 feet high. They would have been used to cut the dice to size, and later to shave off the overflow of the spot filling resin. This small wheel would have been the most likely choice to use for small batches of gaffed dice.


dice scalping wheel from Hunt & Co


This wheel holds a total of 18 dice, that can be shaved at the same time. The carousel is placed on a lathe and spun. A cutting tool makes several passes across the face of the carousel and each time shaves-off a small amount off of one side of the dice.

This tool is not essential in the making of shaved dice. However, the advantage of using this tool is that 18 dice can be shaved at once, in a single pass.