Crazy Dice Shaker


The KC Card Co used to sell these miniature dice shakers under the brand name Crazy Dice Shaker. Two versions were made, for different games, either with two dice or with three. They were usually sold in a pairs, one shaker was a gaffed and the other one was a fair one (commonly called a "front"). The one shown on this page is actually a fair one.



crazy dice shaker
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Although this dice shaker can be used for gambling (and cheating) it is obviously more of a toy, or novelty item, than anything else. Nevertheless, I still feel that it is important to include it in this collection, for completion and as a historical record. The infamous crooked gambling suppliers were often selling toys and novelties to make it seem as if their business was all about novelty items and not about distributing cheating equipment. So, this item is listed in some of the Blue Book mail order catalogs.