Slick Sleeve Shirt for Mechanical Holdout Machine


Many collectors of gambling paraphernalia like to collect various holdout machines, but very few are even aware of the fact that many holdout machines require special clothing.


slick sleeve shirt for mechanical holdout machine


This is a picture of a shirt with a specially modified sleeve, to ensure smooth operation of a mechanical holdout machine. The holdout pictured here is the Martin holdout from this collection, but the shirt can be used for a wide range of holdouts, including the simple bean shooters.

The reasons why a shirt requires modification is because the thief of the holdout (the part that caries a card in and out of the sleeve) can get caught in the stitching of the cuff, on the inside of the shirt's sleeve. This may be a costly mistake if it happens in a live money game around a group of guys that don't like to joke around. So, the idea is to eliminate any dangling pieces of fabric inside the sleeve of the shirt.

In the case of the shirt pictured above, the inside of the sleeve was relined with the same fabric that the shirt is made from. In fact, the entire cuff was replaced with an entirely new modified cuff. The new cuff differs from the original one on the inside, so that the same piece of fabric stretches all the way up to the elbow. To make this modification, one must purchase two identical shirts - one of which will be used just to cut the extra fabric from.

Some other types of modifications use a different piece of fabric on the inside of the sleeve, such a satin, or fabric made from real horse hair. But those modifications are usually not used for shirts that are intended to be used for machine holdouts, but rather for slick-sleeve holdout shirts, which do not require any other holdouts, other than the shirt itself.