Luminous Visor


This is one of the original red luminous visors sold by the KC Card Co, from Chicago Illinois. The visor is supposed to function on the same principle as the more popular red luminous reader glasses, or contact lenses.


luminous visor


In my opinion this item is more of a novelty, or experimental item, then a practical accessory. The demand for various luminous products has always been high, so companies that were in the business of selling cheating gaffs were trying to meet the demand with various products. I believe that most of these early luminous products were of no practical use whatsoever. Who in the right state of mind would ever wear red sunglasses or a red visor to a serious poker game? But still, these gaffs have their place in history and this visor is included in this collection fro the simple fact that it was one of the items listed in various Blue Book crooked gambling catalogs.