Pegger - Card Punch


A pegger, also called a card punch, is a simple device, similar to a miniature stapler, used to produce marked cards by means of putting "blisters" on the backs of playing cards. The blister marks are miniature bumps, similar to the Braille script. They are meant to be read by feel and thus fall under the category of touch work. Cards marked with blisters are most often used to cheat at poker or blackjack.

Various designs of peggers have surfaced over the years. Although designs vary in appearance, all peggers work on the same basic principle. To put a blister on the back of a playing card, the card must be inserted into the jaw of the pegger, then the pegger is just squeezed. A thumb-prick card punch is a gaff that is closely related to peggers, but is very different in appearance and used exclusively when cards need to be marked on the fly, during the course of the game, using someone else's deck of cards.


pegger card punch: marked cards


The pegger on the photo is a very simple miniature antique model. The reason why it is a miniature model is because it was made as a part of a portable kit, that was made to fit inside of a stripper box (a device used in the fabrication of N-strippers) along with some other accessories.

Due to their popularity, there is no shortage in designs of peggers and many times these gaffs were being fabricated in large quantities. You may find it of interest to see some of the forming tools and dies that were used by crooked gambling supply makers that used to manufacture these gaffs in large quantities.

Below is a picture of a pegger that was mass-produced, using the forming tools described above. This is also the most basic design for these gaffs. This standard design have been made in numerous variations, depending on the makers.

pegger card punch: poker cheating

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