Pegger Forming Tools and Dies


Peggers have always had great appeal with anyone in the market for crooked gambling gaffs. For this reason crooked gambling suppliers had to figure out ways to increase production volume, while keeping production costs to a minimum. The best way to accomplish that is to get tooled-up with various dies and forming tools that help maintain a smooth high-volume production.

Below is a photo of one collection of forming tools that were used to assist in one such production, along with some incomplete peggers. This is not a complete set of tools, but it still offers a glimpse into the world that is unknown to most people.


pegger card punch: marked cards


Below are close-up photos of two more stamping tools that were used in the same production as the tools in the photo above, along with some leftover mid-production surplus peggers. If you study these pictures closer, you will notice that the head of the pegger, on this particular model, is attached to the foot in the same way that a rivet would be stamped inside of a hole; in other words it is neither glued nor soldered, but stamped.

card punchcard punch

pegger parts

More information about peggers and punch work can be found on our marked cards page under puncture marking or pegging.