RF Communication Kit


Here is one of the high-tech gaffs that have become obsolete with the advancement in technology. This unit is basically the receiver part of an RF (Radio Frequency) communication kit, used by a player (a member of a team) to receive secret signals and information during a game. This is not really a gaff that is specific to any particular game. Such RF units have been known to be used in casinos and private games alike. Usually there are some other high-tech gaffs involved, in addition to the RF unit, such as a camera system or any other device that can be used in reading the information from other players, or predicting results.


card cheating device

The receiver unit consists of two physically separate parts. One if the actual RF receiver, which is inside that black pouch where the cable is plugged in. The cable is actually an induction antenna that the person must wear around his neck, under his clothing. This antenna transmits a secondary, low range signal to the earpiece, that is obviously placed inside the ear.

earpiece: card cheating device


The earpiece is so small that it can be pushed half way into the ear. The earpiece on this photo is not even the smallest type of earpiece ever made. A smaller one is about half as thick as the one shown here. The nylon string at the end of the earpiece is basically just a handle used to pull the earpiece out of the ear.

Units such as this one used to be sold for $1,200 to $2,000 at the time when technology offered very few solutions. Nowadays one can make up a communication device with a cell phone, just receiving a buzz or a text message, at the right time, to signal messages such as "yes" and "no," or "bet" and "fold."