Brace for Dealing Shoe


This is not a cheating gaff, per se, but rather a tool that has been used extensively in the making of various gaffed dealing shoes, such as prism shoes, rough and smooth shoes for blackjack and several gaffed baccarat shoes.


brace for assembling dealing shoes

Most dealing shoes are made out of acrylic. A typical production will require the maker to first cut the acrylic plates to size, then smooth out the edges and then finally glue the parts together. Gluing a shoe can be quite tricky because the parts have to be assembled at the correct angles and held together for several hours until the adhesive is completely dry. This brace is used to hold all the parts together and to make sure they are all aligned properly.

Tooling up is always a big project when it comes to manufacturing crooked gambling equipment. Many times a lot of the tools have to be custom made, before production of the actual gaffs can begin. Many of these production tools tools eventually end up lost, but fortunately some do end up in private collection.