"Vampire" Sleeve Holdout


This is a sleeve holdout made by a company called Vampire. I was told the machine probably dates back to the 1930s or 50s. I was not yet able to check any of this information, so it is possible that the info is incorrect.

Vampire Holdout Machine: poker cheating aparatus

As you can see, this machine is fitted with a Jacob's ladder mechanism. The entire mechanism is mounted to the underside of the cover and held with the four visible screws.

To be honest, I am not quite sure how this machine is supposed to be mounted. The main body of the machine is obviously supposed to be strapped onto the arm, but I have no idea where that black part goes and/or how is one supposed to pull the string. It is quite possible that there are some parts missing and that the black metal part is not even original to this machine.

Also, this machine is not really practical to work with. When I tried to play with it on several occasions I was having real trouble feeding the card into the thief. Also, the machine is not built anatomically so it never feels like part of the arm and the mechanism is hard to control as it tends to snap.

The machine above is from my own collection. However, I found an image of a holdout that appears to be a slightly different rendition of this same machine.

Vampire Holdout Machine: poker cheating aparatus


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