Casino (1995)


Robert De Niro
Sharon Stone

Joe Pesci
Frank Vincent

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Director Martin Scorsese reunites with members of his Goodfellas gang for a three-hour epic film about the rise and fall of mobster Sam "Ace" Rothstein (Robert De Niro), a character based on real-life gangster Frank "Lefty" Rosenthal. (It's modeled after on Wiseguy and Goodfellas and Pileggi's true crime book Casino: Love and Honor in Las Vegas.) Through Rothstein, the film tells the story of how the Mafia seized, and finally lost control of, Las Vegas gambling. The first hour plays like a fascinating documentary, intricately detailing the inner workings of Las Vegas casinos. Sharon Stone is the stand out among the actors; she nabbed an Oscar nomination for her role as the voracious Ginger, the glitzy call girl who becomes Rothstein's wife.

The film is not as fast paced or gripping as Scorsese's earlier gangster pictures (Mean Streets and Goodfellas), but it's still absorbing.

--Jim Emerson