Ocean's Twelve (2004)


George Clooney
Brad Pitt
Matt Damon
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Andy Garcia
Don Cheadle
Bernie Mac
Julia Roberts

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The eleven members of Ocean's Eleven are living their lives off of the fortunes they've amassed in their Las Vegas casino heist, in the first film. Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia), the owner of the three casinos, confronts each member of Ocean's team, demanding the team to return his money, and gives them two weeks to come up with all the cash. The Ocean's Eleven members are short $97 million which they must get in two weeks.

Ocean and his team decide to stage another heist to pay off the debt. They pick a European target: the world's oldest stock certificate, which is kept in Amsterdam. The tem manages to breach the security around the certificate, but a rival thief, the "Night Fox" (Vincent Cassel), beats them to the document.

As it turns out, The Night Fox is the one who revealed the identities of the Eleven to Benedict. The Fox is incensed that his mentor, the retired thief Gaspar LeMarc, failed to correct a businessman who claimed that Ocean's Eleven casino theft as one of the best thefts ever committed. The Fox breaks "rule number one" (revealing another thief's identity) in order to lure the team to Europe, where he can propose a challenge: the theft of a Fabergé egg. Both Ocean's Eleven and the Night Fox will attempt to steal the famous Coronation Egg within a week; the first to succeed will be declared the better thief. If Ocean's team wins, the Fox will pay off the team's debt. With no other options, Ocean accepts the challenge.

Meanwhile, a female Europol detective, Agent Isabel Lahiri, hears of the increased theft activity in Amsterdam. She tries to track down the Eleven. Eventually all eleven members are captured, but are later released.

Later, Ocean reveals the truth about how he was able to steal the egg: the egg that Fox stole was a fake. The Fox is crestfallen, and Ocean gets the money that The Night Fox had given to LeMarc to hold in confidence when the competition was first proposed.

It is not until the end that the viewers realize that LeMarc was the mastermind behind the entire heist. By deliberately making the Night Fox feel inferior, he manipulates him so that he enters into a competition with Ocean's team.