Shade (2003)


Stuart Townsend
Gabriel Byrne
Thandie Newton
Jamie Fox
Melanie Griffith
Sylvester Stallone

duration:  1:54;01
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image size:  320x134
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The hand is quicker than the eye in LA's underground gambling scene, hustlers getting hustled and fortunes ride on every deal. Three small time grifters devise with a plan to beat the ultimate card mechanic- The Dean.

Charlie (Gabriel Byrne) and Tiffany (Thandie Newton) are a couple of grifters looking for skillful poker players to join their team in the world of high-stakes card-playing, and swindling others for cash.  They team up with a former partner, Vernon (Stuart Townsend), a man who has mastered the sleight-of-hand techniques that have made him an up-and-coming talent in the underground poker tournament circuit.  Their latest con game might have netted them a handsome profit, but it also earned them quite a bit of dangerous heat, as some of the money they swiped happens to belong to a local boss.