The Big Blind (2004)


Scotty Nguyen
Jennifer Harman
et all...

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From the mind of a real poker player comes the first real poker movie. David James penciled out the script in between hands, often times in the very casino the movie was ultimately filmed in. Pulling together his winnings from over the years, he finances the film, and tells us the story of The Big Blind.
Like the many different combinations of cards in any poker game, The Big Blind follows the many different lives of card players in a casino, all brought together by the lure of the gamble. Some, like Scotty, played by real life Las Vegas World Series of Poker Champion Scotty Nguyen, play to win. Others play just for the action, for the thrill. Still others can only sit on the sidelines, perpetual railbirds, comically hashing out their lives while watching the good players steal the pots.
Darrin, a self-professed professional poker player, narrates us through this voyage of over 50 characters and 12 story lines. Face off after face off at the tables shows us the realistic side of Texas Hold’em, while colorful casino characters like Lane, who thinks he knows it all and can't be beat, engage us. Lane is good, and finds himself on a streak. But will he be driving home in a new car, or hitchhiking? And his sister Kathy, played by real life high stakes professional poker player Jennifer Harman Traniello, just wants to win enough to get the mob off their backs. It's anyone's guess if the world of poker they've driven into will build their sibling kinship, or crush it.
Roger, on the other hand, had no intention of playing cards. He just needed to use a phone. Now he finds himself unable to back away from the table, all the while slowly falling in love with the blond haired girl that's always seated at the elbow of the cruelest scam artist in the county. Pure evil, he manages to stay one step ahead of his opponents, and the law. But his window is closing fast. Will he escape his victims and the police, to play another hand? Will his girlfriend stay loyal?
What of Sly and his girlfriend, Queen Mama? He will cheat and lie his way to finding a stake, to get back in the game, and he is not above stealing from her. And she is not above blowing his head off...
A small town California casino plays host to these and a myriad of other characters battling it out for chips, and trying to make sense of this road they've chosen. While some move on to greatness, others will not survive. This is the real deal. A movie about real poker players. In a real casino. Made by a real poker player.