The Cooler (2003)


William H. Macy
Maria Bello
Alec Baldwin

duration:  2:22;14
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The premise of this swinging Las Vegas film is enough to carry it over its narrative rough spots.

The unluckiest sap on the planet (William H. Macy) is employed as a "cooler" at a casino; his very presence can chill the hot streak of any gambler on a roll. He is valued by the old-school manager of the place, a role given a two-fisted, bourbon-swilling incarnation by Alec Baldwin. Macy means to quit, but then he falls for a cocktail waitress (Maria Bello). Might his luck be changing? The subplots are pretty much a mess, but the frank sex scenes between Macy and Bello give the movie a truly offbeat feel. The tawdry air of a second-rate casino is also nicely done. This is not the new family-friendly Las Vegas, but a tough place of superstitions, sinister back rooms, and shabby motels.