Yonkers Joe (2008)


Chazz Palminteri
Tom Guiry
Christine Lahti
Michael Lerner

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Yonkers Joe is an exciting, high-stakes con film and moving family drama written and directed by Robert Celestino.

An ode to old time gamblers, now outdated in an age of powerful upscale casinos, Yonkers Joe tells the story of a con artist and dice hustler (Chazz Palminteri) who makes a living by cheating casinos at the craps tables. Joe whose determination to make one last grab for a big score in Vegas is complicated by the reappearance of his estranged son into his life. One day Joe gets a call from an institution telling him that his son Joe Jr. (Tom Guiry) who has Down's Syndrome is being disruptive and thus must be removed from the institution. Joe doesn't know how to take care of his troubled son and this new change in his life is ruining a lot of his plans and ways of making money

There are many clever moments throughout the film, all of the con acts and dice manipulations are fun to watch. The dialogue is well written and the plot unravels nicely. The scenes in Las Vegas are also very shot well, in all of the different locations.