Gaffed Blackjack Shoe and Camera System



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This is a video of a gaffed blackjack dealing shoe used in conjunction with marked cards and a Juice Camera System. Also, please take a moment to review our Camera Ink Demo for some further details on various inks used for these camera systems.

the split-screen video shows a side-by-side comparison of the same action, recorded simultaneously with two different cameras. The camera on the left side of the screen is a normal video camera that shows what anyone else would be able to see, while the scam is in progress; the dealing shoe appears to be perfectly normal and the cards look un-marked. The camera on the right is a specially modified camera that shows part of the spectrum that is not visible to the human eyes. In this video it is apparent that the camera can see right through the faceplate of the blackjack shoe and see the special marks on the cards.

Such gaffed equipment can be found in crooked casinos, called bustout joints. A similar shoe has been developed for the game of baccarat. However, baccarat shoes are normally gaffed in such way that the camera can zoom in on the edges of the cards, and read the invisible edge marks right through the cover of the shoe.

A sam of this nature involves secret communication between a player, cheating for the casino, and a crew reading the cards behind the scenes. The player would typically be seated in third base (last to act) and make hit-stand, double-down and split decision based on eliminating unwanted cards for the dealer, and not based on playing out his own hands correctly. Such player is commonly called a anchor man (although it should be noted that other anchor-man scams are more common in blackjack scams.) With this scam, a blackjack dealer can turn a lousy 16 into a winning hand, by having the anchor man eliminate unwanted cards from the top of the shoe.