Push-off Second Deal - retention style



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This demo shows a second deal of three cards being dealt out in a pile. In a live card game a second deal would probably never be used in this manner. There is, however, one exception if the dealer needs to deal a single card face down. Just to name one example, the dealer may wish to retain a favorable card on top of the deck while apparently burning the top card. In this case a retention-style second deal, as seen in this video, may actually be used in a live card game.

A second deal is very well suited for cheating at single-deck blackjack, where a sequence of cards are rapidly dealt out to the players. However, a second deal is also a move that is very well suited for cheating at poker. But in poker it would be used in a completely different manner than in blackjack.

This video shows the top view, as seen from the eye in the sky, or from the perspective of the dealer.