"Back Alley" Dice Switch



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I call this switch the "back alley" switch because is a switch that is most commonly used in street games. In order to perform this switch as well as possible the dice mechanic should shoot the dice on the ground while squatting. The cover for the move are the actual dice being rolled far from the hand.

In order to keep all the action contained inside a small video frame, and in order to show a nice close-up shot of the hand, I did not roll the dice far off screen, as would be actually done in a game. Furthermore, I conclude the action with an additional action to reveal the original dice - in a game the mechanic would use one of several methods to ditch the dice.

For the purpose of clarity I switch a pair of red dice for a pair of green ones. Both pairs are regulation casino 3/4 size dice. It should be noted, however, that this switch would rarely be performed with such dice. Usually much smaller candy-store dice would most likely be used in a street game.

It should also be noted that this switch would most likely not be performed by the shooter. Cheats do not like to perform tricky moves when all eyes are on them. Instead the switch would most likely be performed by a bystander, who would casually toss the dice back to the shooter. The shooter could be a dupe, or one of the cheats from the gang.