Casino Money Laundering Scheme Busted



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This is a June 4th, 2008 BBC news report about a tax evasion scheme that involved money laundering in casinos. The title on the BBC web site reads Four Jailed Over £2.6m Fraud, but this report says that the gang made at least £1.8m in just one month. The news report also says that this is the end of a 3-year investigation. If the gang was making £1.8m per month, then in three years the fraud would have to add up to a total of £64.8m and not £2.6m. So, the news report is unclear and the numbers don't add up, but the gist of the story is that a casino money laundering scheme had been busted.

Also, the reporter speculates that the money laundering may have been done at roulette. This is, of course possible, but it is also quite likely that the scheme involved baccarat.