Korean Crooked Gambling Bust



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On November 11th, 2008, sensational news reports of crooked gambling made national headlines all across South Korea. My Korean friend, who works in the gaming industry, in Korea, sent me an email with several links to online articles about the bust. One of the links had this video clip.

This news report is all in Korean, but even if you don't understand the language you can easily make out what the fuss is all about, from the visuals. The report also mentions a source in China as well as a source in the US where the investigators speculate that some of this equipment comes from.

This report shows only how this equipment is used to mark Western playing cards. The cards are marked for value and suit, which would be how cards would typically be marked for poker. However, poker is not popular in Korea (although it is slowly gaining in popularity). The Korean crooked gambling distributors also make marked dominoes, mahjong tiles and Korean hwa-tu flower cards used to play the Korean game Go-Stop, which is by far the most popular card game in Korea. More information on Korean hwa-tu flower cards is available through our sister site on the playing card collection page; there is also a detailed description of the card game Go-Stop on the rules of card games page.