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Phuong Quoc Truong, Pai Gow JohnOn May 24, 2007 federal authorities announced that they broke up a sprawling international casino card-cheating scheme led by a San Diego organized-crime family. The gang allegedly netted at least $3.3 million over five years. The leader of the gang was Phuong Quoc Truong, also known as John Truong or Pai Gow John. Authorities said that the gang targeted 18 casinos across the US and Canada. The FBI characterizes this scheme as probably the largest cheating scheme ever brought by the federal government.

This video is the CNN news report. Somewhat sensationalized with scenes from the Hollywood blockbuster Ocean's 13, the report lacks many details of the scam. The scam was simple. The gang bribed dealers to perform a few false shuffles, so that the ring members would know the order of certain groups of cards, in baccarat and blackjack. When those cards came into play ring members would bet high, collect their winnings and live happily ever after... sort of... at least that was the plan, but as most gamblers, the Truong gang was also not able to walk away from the tables. $3.3 million was apparently not enough.