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5-card draw poker - royal flush



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For demonstration purposes I stacked a royal flush to the fourth player, for a 5-handed game of draw poker. Needless to say that no one in the right state of mind would ever attempt to stack a royal flush in a real game.

Starting with the slug on top, the stacking sequence is as follows:

  • 1st shuffle - 4 x-cards between the 4th and 5th cards of the slug;
  • 2nd shuffle - 4 x-cards between the 3rd and 4th cards;
  • 3rd shuffle - 4 x-cards between the 2nd and 3rd cards;
  • 4th shuffle - 4 x-cards between the 1st and 2nd cards;
  • strip shuffle - 3 x-cards on top of the stacked stock, and placing a brief for the accomplice to cut; and
  • the cut - the accomplice would cut at the brief.

Note that I stack the cards to favor the player who would normally be seated at my right, i.e. the player who cuts the deck. In a game this player would be the accomplice who ends up receiving the intended hand.

Alternatively a cheat may have a secret accomplice seated at any of the other positions. In this case the cheat may opt to have the victim at his right legitimately cut the deck, and then hop the cut before dealing out the round. The accomplice may provide a momentary distraction during the hop.