Tangam Visual Recognition Software: Chip Demo



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In the Tangam card demo video you can see how the TableEye visual recognition software recognizes values of playing cards, as they are being dealt on a table layout. This video shows how the same software is able to recognize values of casino checks.

When it comes to visual recognition of playing cards, this software is very impressive. However, at the time of this writing, the software is still in its developmental stage with regards to reading the values of casino checks. As you can see from this demo, the system will have no trouble reading the value of the top chip, but the system has no way of knowing how many chips (and what denomination) may be under the top chip. If dealers were instructed to handle all wagers in a certain way, the system could theoretically be programmed to add up totals of the wagers as the dealer follows a strict procedure. But this solution would not be practical on the casino floor as any such procedure would surely slow down the game. When it comes to tracking the wagers it appears that RFID chips are by far more practical and reliable, but there is no reason why visual recognition of the top chips should not be incorporated into a system, if the system can be programmed to confirm that the top chip of every stack is the same value as what the FRID readers are recording. And of course, we cannot eliminate the possibility that with further developments in technology, one day similar visual recognition systems may be capable of reading the value of an entire stack of chips.