X-RAY Poker Table Camera System



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This is a demo video of a highly sophisticated poker cheating system. The system consists of a secret unit that is built into the poker table along with a special camera that is able to capture images outside of the range that is visible to human eyes.

The demo video has been recorded with two cameras, side-by-side, capturing the same action at the exact same time. The camera on the left is a regular video camera that is able to see exactly what the human eye can see. The camera on the right is the specially modified video camera that is able to see outside of the human range and is able to see invisible rays that pass through the poker table and through the playing cards, like X-rays. The split screen video shows exactly how the system would look to anyone seated at the poker table, while showing how the system would look through the special video camera system.

Such gaff would be used either in private poker games, or in illegal underground poker clubs. This system would require a tem to work it. One player at the table would be part of the team, while the rest of the players would be just dupes. In dealer-dealt games the house dealer may or may not be part of the team, depending on the set-up. A secret camera above the poker table would be capturing the live video and sending the signal to a control room, that could be in a different building or even in a different country if the camera is IP enabled. The tem member in the control room would look at the recorder videos while the game was still in progress. Through a secret communication system critical information would be sent to the tem player in the live game.

This system is superior form the older Juice Camera System because it does not require any specially marked cards. The cards that would be used would be completely ordinary; although it should be noted that some brands of playing cards work better than others.